Alyssa, the Colorado mom reported missing two months ago, has been recently found alive in Manhattan but refused any help, the New York Post reported.

This summer, Alyssa, a 39-year-old single mom, left her home in Denver and traveled to Kansas, where she was born and raised by her great-aunt. 

She got there in a beat-up 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara, and then drove to New York where she still has many friends, as she graduated from Cooper Union art academy. 

Her family didn’t get any text messages as of Aug. 2, two days after she arrived in NYC.

Later, in the same month, her family submitted a missing-persons report in Colorado after her city friends said they hadn’t heard from her. 

Alyssa’s mom, Kristie Olivier, 68, expressed her deep concern about her daughter’s situation: “She’s been without any means of support for two months. Who knows what she has encountered on the streets?” she said.

Olivier added: “We don’t know if we are dealing with a health issue, a mental health issue, or something else.”

In Olivier’s eyes, Alyssa is a spiritual person and a meditation and yoga lover. She is also an artist and owns a website herself. She is divorced and has a 10-year-old daughter.

The missing mum had spent a while living with and taking care of her parents by preparing meals, doing laundry, driving them to appointments, and “little things around the house.”

She admitted that Alyssa appeared to have gone through many life changes while living with her but was not unraveling.

Alyssa’s Missing report & Alyssa and her daughter (MVTV/Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

On Aug. 9, on Third Avenue, between 20th and 21st Streets, Alyssa’s car was found by her former classmate Sophie with the battery dead and the gas tank empty.

Her purse and electronics were still left inside, though her wallet had disappeared, as Patch reported.

Someone found Alyssa’s wallet and contacted Olivier. While Olivier still kept receiving Alyssa’s credit card bills, Alyssa has never made any claim on her wallet loss, which raised her mom’s concern that she may have been assaulted somewhere.

The family hired private detective Rock Pereira, a former NYPD detective, to learn more about her whereabouts.

According to Pereira, nothing was known until Sept. 29, when Alyssa attempted to call his husband at 6:22 A.M. from a kiosk at 17th Street and 16th Avenue, and once again, almost 90 minutes later, from Amsterdam Avenue and West 88th Street on the Upper West Side.

To follow Alyssa’s trait, Pereira and her college friends have recovered a video footage of Alyssa, which shows her lashing out at two people walking on the sidewalk on Amsterdam Avenue between West 88th and 89th Streets.

On Oct. 10, they finally tracked down the young mom near Tompkins Square Park thanks to an anonymous caller responding to Alyssa’s missing-person poster.

The caller said they noticed she was carrying a little cat on East 10th Street the same day.

After locating her, Pereira spent around 10 to 12 minutes talking to her but failed to persuade her to follow him home.

“She looked tired. She was carrying three bags, and she definitely looked homeless,” Pereira said.

According to Pereira, although she was not in a desperately severe state of health as she could hold and maintain a conversation, she did require medical attention. However, Alyssa refused any medical assistance. 

He said: “We can’t just put her in a straitjacket and send her to Bellevue Hospital. The entire situation is delicate. But she does need help.”

Eventually, the detective was forced to leave her behind, giving her $100 and an important phone number list, telling her how relatives and friends are worried about her, particularly her mom.

“I hope she seeks medical treatment. She needs the help,” he added.

Her mother felt thankful for Alyssa’s survival but shivered when she realized there was almost nothing she could do for her daughter. She was even scared of Alyssa’s situation: living alone on New York streets and suffering the unpredictable weather.

Meanwhile, the NYPD and Pereira told The New York Post that there was an open case in the 13th Precinct in Midtown for an alleged Oct. 12 assault, in which a 43-year-old woman was walking on First Avenue and got a kick in her face, from a woman, leaving her in pain and with a bloody nose.

Pereira attempted searching for the missing mom this week in Tompkins Square Park, Union Square, Stuyvesant Town, and the Upper West Side without luck.

The detective indicated that if Alyssa is accused of assault, she may have a desk appearance ticket.

He said: “This is really a sad case.”

“For the sake of her family and friends and the citizens of New York City and for Alyssa, it would be best that she’s found again.” the retired detective added.

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