Spillman says the pair started talking to him and asked if he minded if they “hang out for a while” and said they weren’t expecting him back home so soon.

Two homeless men have been charged with burglary after a California man said he came home to find them cooking dinner.

Robby Spillman tells KNBC-TV he returned from Christmas shopping last Friday to find the men in his Santa Monica apartment.

Spillman says the men, who stank and wore filthy, ripped clothing, told him they hadn’t expected him home so soon and asked if they could “hang out” for a while.

Police identified the intruders as Elijah Smart, 29, Markis White, 19, made themselves at home.

“They smelled like they hadn’t showered in weeks,” Spillman says. “Their clothes were very dirty and ripped.”

Spillman says he played along, asked if they had enough food, then pretended to take his French bulldog for a walk and called 911.

He recalled: “I was calm and I said to them, ‘Do you have enough food?’ ‘Is there anything I can get you guys?'”

Nineteen-year-old Markis White and 29-year-old Elijah Smart were arrested. It’s unclear whether they have a lawyer.

Meanwhile, Spillman and his pregnant girlfriend plan to find a new home.

Source: AP