A 19-year-old father accused of shaking his son so badly that he had broken bones, a brain bleed, and bruises is now facing new charges involving the 3-month-old’s sister.

Taylor Shipley, 19, was charged on Sept. 12 for allegedly assaulting his 3-month-old son on charges of aggravated assault and child endangerment. He initially called 911, claiming that his son inside his home in Huntingdon Village was vomiting and trembling.

But when the baby boy got to Children’s Hospital, doctors said that the injuries could be from just one thing: shaken baby syndrome. Shipley denied that the child was injured and argued that the injuries had to come from him performing CPR, but he was charged.

Now, Shipley is being accused of abusing the infant’s 3-year-old sister as well, according to Channel 11 News exchange partner Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

At the time of the initial incident, the older sister, who is not Shipley’s daughter, was taken as a precaution to the Pittsburgh UPMC Children’s Hospital. The Tribune recorded that on her right buttock doctors found a “large patterned burn to her right buttock, a missing front tooth and bruising on her right thigh.”

Doctors have described photos of a previous injury to the 3-year-old girl as “consistent with a slap mark,” according to court documents. Shipley was charged with putting the 3-year-old’s safety at risk.

The mother of the baby, Elizabeth Hart, 22, was also charged on Thursday by state police with endangering children’s welfare and making false reports in the latest case. She was released on a bond of $25,000.

Hart told troopers that because her daughter was cold one morning, she sat on a space heater and got the burn. Hart said, according to court records, both Shipley and she were home at the time of the injury.

Hart also said that when she “fell in the bathtub,” the baby girl lost her tooth. Nevertheless, in an interview, the child told police that she was abused by Shipley.

Shipley is being held without bail in the county prison since his arrest on Sept. 11.