Nineteen Tech High School students in St. Cloud, Minnesota, who were involved in the Sept. 25 fight are facing criminal charges. They were identified as Muslims.

“Students of the same race.” That is how police characterize the make-up of the gangs of fighting students, according to St. Cloud Times.

Charges include third-degree assault, second-degree riot, terroristic threats, and possessing a dangerous weapon on school property, according to the Stearns County Attorney’s Office.

Eighteen males were charged—five 17-year-olds, eight 16-year-olds, four 15-year-olds,  and one 14-year-old female. 

The 16-year-old St. Cloud boy was the one who displayed a pocket knife during the incident. He was charged with three felony counts, including terroristic threats, possessing a dangerous weapon on school property, and riot in the second degree. The other 17 students face felony or gross misdemeanor charges.

Police said one male student sustained a broken nose in the fight and four students were charged relating to the injury. They were also charged with aiding and abetting in assault in the third degree.

All students will be summoned to appear before a judge.

St. Cloud School District announced on Wednesday, Oct. 2, that none of the students charged will return to the district this year and may face expulsion; the school board will consider students for expulsion at an upcoming meeting.

The altercation started between two 16-year-old boys who had an issue with each other from a previous fight that occurred off school grounds. The number of students fighting grew as the friends now started to mutually and willingly fight each other.

Twenty police officers responded to the incident. Three staff members received minor injuries while trying to stop the fights.

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