A California Highway Patrol officer, who was badly injured while in the line of duty three years ago, was back on the job.

Mike Ericson was hurt in a hit-and-run in Sacramento on April 7, 2016. Investigators said the 28-year-old suspect intentionally hit the officer while he was on his motorcycle, KCRA reported. The suspect then was captured after a 50-mile chase.

After the crash, Ericson, a 17-year veteran of the CHP and also a United States Marine veteran, didn’t regain consciousness for a month and had to fight for his life.

“I have a shattered pelvis. Both my hips were shattered. My left hip was also dislocated,” he said. “This upper right arm was shattered. This left wrist was broken. I had some internal injuries and I had a minor concussion.”

“I want to be able to walk 100 percent again. I want to be able to get back to full duty. That’s my goal,” he shared.

With help from his physical therapist, Ericson was slowly regaining muscle strength.

So, after he was off work for 10 months, he was able to work on limited duty until now.

Ericson told KCRA that he’s thrilled to be back at work.

“It’s outstanding that I’m finishing on my own terms, retiring on my own terms, rather than having the suspect that tried to kill me, where I would have to be medically retired,” he said. “I’m very fortunate that I can retire on my own terms.”


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