Joseph Sifnaios, co-owner of the Coop restaurant in Waukesha, Wisconsin, revealed that his eatery was able to donate roughly $15,000 for the victims of the recent Christmas parade tragedy.

“For my brother and I the best form of payment, especially during this holiday season, is just to see people united and be happy and this is the least gesture we could have done,” Joseph said on “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

The breakfast restaurant gave all of its revenue to victims of the Christmas parade disaster on Nov. 21, which killed six people and wounded scores more.

The funds will go to Waukesha County’s “United for Waukesha Community Fund,” which will “support the needs of the families impacted” by the tragedy.

Joseph said that the outpouring of support “humbled” Sifnaios and his brother, and that people from other states, such as Texas, South Dakota, and Nevada, also contributed.

“Today someone just came in from out of state and just dropped $500 in our donation box,” Joseph added. “It’s unreal.”

“It just shows that this is one of the greatest countries,” he said. “We stand united, as you could see.”

In one of the company’s Facebook videos, a full restaurant was seen on Nov. 26, with diners occupying every table.

“The community came together. We rallied together, we rallied together,” Joseph said. “We showed strength in the time of adversity and it just shows what ‘Waukesha strong’ really means for those that don’t know.”

“We put ourselves on the map,” Joseph said. “Thank God, we were able to raise this $15,000 knowing that it’s going to benefit those that were affected and impacted.”

The Coop Facebook page announced: “Although our moods are struck with sorrow & sadness there is no doubt this community will bounce back. We are a community that has shown strength in the face of adversity, love when there is hate, offered a helping hand to our neighbor in need, and shown relentless hospitality to the many people and faces who have walked through our doors. We will get through this together.”

“Throughout the day, many faces familiar and new rallied together to support a cause that hit too close to home,” the post continued.

On Nov. 21, Darrell E. Brooks, 39, drove into the parade in Waukesha, a suburb of Milwaukee, killing six people and injuring more than 60.

Brooks, the mad driver, was charged with five counts of first-degree intentional homicide and will likely be charged with a sixth count for Sparks’ death.

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