A mishap that occurred in March caused a potentially massive disruption in the nationwide supply chain of CCP Virus (coronavirus) vaccine.

Workers at Emergent BioSolutions, a contractor for Johnson & Johnson, a government-approved COVID-19 vaccine provider, last month was forced to throw out 15 million doses of the J&J vaccine after accidentally mixing ingredients from two separate coronavirus vaccines together.

According to a senior administration official, Emergent BioSolutions also produces ingredients for AstraZeneca’s vaccine, and the Johnson & Johnson product was mistakenly combined with AstraZeneca’s product.

Last month, the Biden administration was aware of the contaminated coronavirus vaccine batch that prompted the recall of 15 million doses but chose to keep it hidden from the media, according to Politico.

“Senior Biden administration health officials, including some within the White House, knew two weeks ago that a Johnson & Johnson contractor’s production problems could delay delivery of a significant number of future vaccine doses,” wrote the outlet.

Meanwhile, the administration has been openly boasting that it was meeting its vaccine deadlines.

According to Politico, the fiasco would force potential shipments of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to be postponed, as well as the delivery of doses to nations, for the next few weeks.

Vaccine stocks are now running low in Texas and California.

While many Americans are unable to get vaccines due to short supply, a number of wealthier Mexican nationals have jumped ahead of the queue by chartering private jets to the United States.

Many Americans are wary of the vaccine due to evidence of severe allergic reactions, but anyone who wants the shot should be able to get it as soon as possible. However, they are unable to do so due to supply disruptions caused by the Biden government.

On Wednesday, Dr. Ghazala Sharieff told KSWB-TV in San Diego, “Until we get a more stable supply, it’s going to be hard to meet the demand that’s coming.” 

Sharieff also stated that any Californians have still been unable to make vaccination appointments, despite the Biden White House boasting that any American who wishes to get the shot will be able to do so in less than a month.

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