In March, a government-approved COVID-19 vaccine provider was forced to discard 15 million doses of the one-shot Johnson and Johnson (J&J) vaccine after human error caused a vaccine mix-up.

Emergent BioSolutions is a contractor for J&J, and they also produce ingredients for AstraZeneca’s vaccine. The J&J product was mistakenly combined with AstraZeneca’s ingredients.

Politico reports the Biden administration was aware of the contaminated coronavirus vaccine batch a week earlier that prompted the recall of 15 million doses but chose to keep it hidden from the media.

Politico reports that the fiasco would force potential shipments of the J&J vaccine to be postponed.

According to the New York Times, the Department of Health and Human Services has ordered J&J to introduce new executive staff and assume all facets of vaccine production at the Baltimore plant.

The factory will only focus on developing the J&J vaccine in the future, and J&J will take full responsibility for the Baltimore factory’s manufacturing activity.

A representative for Emergent BioSolutions confirmed to the Washington Post that the company was welcoming additional J&J staff to help with technology and assistance.

Authorities also indicated that determining if other vaccine stocks are infected and if Emergent BioSolutions can distribute any shots it has developed.

J&J has claimed that it hopes to supply 100 million shots to U.S. authorities by the end of next month.

Emergent BioSolutions earned billions of dollars from the administration to support the nation in developing its Strategic National Stockpile.

The firm signed contracts valued at more than $740 million to manufacture vaccines for J&J and AstraZeneca and a $628 million agreement with the U.S. government as a section of Operation Warp Speed to secure production space at the Baltimore factory last year.

Emergent BioSolutions’ $628 million Warp Speed deal is part of a long-term agreement between the corporation and the HHS department in charge of public health preparedness.

Many Americans are wary of the vaccine due to evidence of severe allergic reactions, but anyone who wants the shot should be able to get it as soon. However, they are unable to do so due to supply disruptions caused by the Biden administration.

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