A Monroe County teen who was left brain dead in late September after a severe asthma attack was taken off life-support and died Tuesday, Oct. 15.

According to authorities, a second test was performed on Tuesday morning at Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which confirmed the diagnosis of brain death of 14-year-old Bobby Reyes. The hospital said his family gathered in the room when they removed life support, according to WDIV.

“Further testing—including an electrical encephalogram (EEG) and a cerebral blood flow study—detected no electrical activity and no blood flow to Bobby’s brain,” the statement from Michigan Medicine reads.

The test was what the family has been fighting all along. His family wanted Bobby to be transported to another facility. They went to court Tuesday to prevent the hospital from doing a second test to determine if the 14-year-old was brain dead. A Washtenaw County court judge dismissed the case saying he did not have jurisdiction.

“Bobby talked about being a missionary,” Bobby’s mother, Sarah Jones, said as she described the teen. “He likes helping people. Bobby loves cats, animals, babies. He is sweet.”

Bobby, of Ash Township, was hospitalized in September after a severe asthma attack. Doctors at the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital told Bobby’s family that the boy who had never had a seemingly serious asthma attack previously, only wheezing, was brain dead.

The hospital said testing shows Bobby has no detectable brain or brain stem function. The first test was done on Sept. 24. Michigan law requires two tests to be done to prove the diagnosis.

Family members and the attorney said Bobby faced an uphill battle, but wanted to continue to fight. The family had tried to obtain a court order, and they also worked to find a different hospital that would accept Bobby. But the second test was already underway.

The story of Bobby Reyes has taken on an almost unreal degree of media coverage, captivating supporters from around the country.

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