According to authorities, about 14.9 tons of marijuana were discovered along with a cache of weapons and a honey oil lab in a series of drug busts on Thursday in Perris, Riverside County, California.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said in a tweet on Thursday that 48 search warrants were served at illegal grow operations, which led to the discovery of the honey oil lab, 37 guns and thousands of pounds of marijuana.

An unknown number of dogs were also found during the bust, according to sheriff’s officials. They are all OK.

Twenty-seven arrests were made in the drug busts. The suspects in custody were not immediately identified.

The Sheriff’s Department released several photos showing the marijuana plants and firearms that were seized, as well as some of the canines, but there was “no threat to public safety.”

Once all the illegal marijuana plants were collected they were destroyed and disposed of.

Responding to one of the tweets, Sheriff Chad Bianco reminded people, “It is ILLEGAL to grow marijuana in Riverside County without strict adherence to personal use and grow laws.”

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