Darius Brown was diagnosed with developmental delays when he was 2, but he was assisted by a hobby producing bow ties—while also benefiting the pets he enjoys.

The 12-year-old has two great passions: bow ties and animals. So the resident of Newark, New Jersey, enables shelter pets dress for achievement by donating to rescue organizations across the nation his one-of-a-kind bow ties.

Brown was diagnosed with delay in understanding, delay in speech, and delay in fine motor skills when he was only 2 years old, and his family, according to Today, encouraged his creativity as he developed his love of pets and fashion.

His mom, Joy Brown, 40, and sister Dazhai Brown-Shearz, 22, noticed a breakthrough in Brown when he turned 8 while her daughter was registered in the college of cosmetology. He started cutting textiles there and learned to sew to assist create ribbons for his sister hair.

“With his fine motor skills, he wasn’t able to really use his hands well—tying a shoe was challenging,” Brown-Shearz told Today. “My mother and I came up with the idea that if he helped us with things like prepping the ribbon or cutting it, and sewing fabric together, it would help him. And it did—it worked!”

Brown started creating his own bow ties shortly afterward and wore one almost every day. Strangers would stop Brown to ask him where they were being sold, according to the outlet. Beaux and Paws went to fruition then.

“I wear bow ties all the time,” Brown said. “Literally everywhere I go, I wear a bow tie.”

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I had the most amazing time visiting @streettails in Philadelphia today. The staff is amazingly friendly and the dogs and cats are well taken care of. They have some loving, energetic, and playful dogs just waiting for a loving forever home. Old Glory (white pup) is very calm and lovable, Hedgehog (Brown dog) is just as loving and so cute and adorable, and Tarmac (black pup) is very playful and affectionate. If you live in the area and would like to adopt a dog or know someone who’s looking to adopt please consider visiting: Street Tails Animal Rescue 1030 N. 2nd Street Unit 401 Philadelphia, PA 19123 . . . . . #pawsomemission #streettails #streettailsanimalrescue #animalrescue #dogs #cats #dog rescue#catrescue bowtie #pawitforward #oldglorystreettails #tarmacstreettails #hedgehogstreettails #doggybowties #bowtiessavelives #dapperdog #divadog #philadelphia #pa #godswork #onamission #savethedogs #savethecats #adoptdontshop #ilovedogs #mansbestfriend #beauxandpaws #sirdariusbrown

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Like many Americans, the devastation wrought by hurricanes Harvey and Irma profoundly impacted Darius. He realized he had to do something when he learned about displaced dogs and cats flooding the shelters—and that if they were not adopted they would be euthanized.

Darius began by donating bow connections to animals to the American Society for Cruelty Prevention. He has donated hundreds of ties to shelters across the nation since then and is fundraising to give even more.

When people buy ties from Beaux & Paws, it enables Darius to buy material to make more bow the ties that he will donate — plus, they donate to the ASPCA a part of every sale. Good Samaritans have also begun to give Darius fabric and equipment.

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First stop of my #PAW-some Mission is here in my hometown at the Associated Humane Society. These three are so fun and playful and they have a lot of energy. I enjoyed the time I spent with them. I even got a chance to name one of them, “Parker”. He had on the Marvel bow tie. Parker and I formed a bond. He sat in my lap and wanted me to rub him. He did not want me to leave. He whimpered as I walked away. It broke my heart. I did not want to leave him either. Parker and his friends needs a loving home. If you or someone you know would like to adopt any one of the dogs pictured here, you can email me at [email protected] or contact the Associated Humane Society at:[email protected] #sirdariusbrown #beauxandpaws #adoptdontshop #adoptapet #savealife #saveapet #newark #nj #doglover #bow tie #ilovedogs #dogs #humanesociety #rescuedogs #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedogsrule #shelterdogsrock #bekind #giveback #dapperdogs #divadogs

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“The donations help a lot because we were just digging in our pockets, buying the fabric ourselves,” his mother told Today.

For his attempts to assist homeless animals, Darius has earned countless accolades. Now, he’s raising funds to boost the manufacturing of bow tie and travel to at least five separate countries this summer and as many shelters as he can to personally donate bow ties and assist with adoption activities.

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