Daniel Crase, 10, has been standing outside a Quick Way gas station in Oklahoma for three successive days selling his toys to assist pay for the funeral of his uncle.

He says that until he raises enough money, he won’t stop.

“My uncle Brian was my best buddy,” Daniel told KFSM.

Daniel and his uncle were inseparable, but Daniel lost his best friend when Brian unexpectedly died from a heart attack.

“They were basketball players, they were game players, they were everything,” Brenda Crase, Daniel’s grandmother said.

Now Daniel does what he can to assist pay for the funeral expenses of his uncle.

“He said, ‘Nana I want to raise money for my uncle Brian’ and I said, ‘baby I don’t know how to do that’ and he said, ‘I do’,” Brenda said.

At the family’s garage sale, Daniel first attempted to raise money by selling his toys.

“He set out a yard sale in our yard, it didn’t work, so he said, ‘Take me to the Quick Way because I’m going to raise money for my uncle Brian because that’s what I need to do, Nana’,” Brenda said.

Brenda said she’s raised Daniel from the hospital since he was brought home and she’s proud of the young man he’s today.

“It made my heart feel good because I know that I raised my baby the right way,” Brenda said.

Daniel has raised $400 so far and says his objective is to raise $5,000.

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