The 10-month-old baby named Fayth Percy, who was shot in the head while sitting in her mother’s lap in the passenger seat of a car is doing well and is on the way to making a significant recovery, according to Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Dyer told ABC during a news conference on Wednesday, July 10, that the baby is still in the hospital but is smiling and sitting up.

Fayth’s father said she is getting stronger and is crawling around. Fayth no longer has a feeding tube and is starting to eat solid food. 

Fayth was shot in the head on June 23 in Central Fresno, California, while in a car with her mother, Deziree Menagh, after she left the family birthday party to get away from the suspect, Marcus Antonio Echartea, 23.

The mother reportedly rejected Echartea as he tried to hold her hand at the party. When she wen outside and told friends about what happened, he attempted to pull her into him and force her to sit on his lap.

She resisted and went back into the house and got the baby to leave when the suspect followed her inside the house.

She got in a car and left with a male friend but they made a U-turn and headed back and parked, Dyer said.

That’s when Echartea walked up and fired three rounds into the car. The man who was driving the car was not hurt, only the baby was struck.

Echartea was found inside the home and arrested. Dyer said he is facing three counts of attempted murder.

He is also accused of being the suspect responsible for a drive-by shooting of a north Fresno home on May 27, nearly hitting another child inside.

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