President Trump has confidence in the economy and says his administration will create up to 10 million new jobs next year if he gains reelection. He paints a different picture for a Biden-Harris administration, saying they would destroy the economy should they gain power.

Biden “doesn’t have a clue,” and would be a “pawn” for China, he warned.

During a Labor Day press conference on Monday, Sept. 7, President Trump affirmed the economy was in the midst of a “V-shaped recovery,” as just last month, 1.4 million new jobs had been added, as reported by Fox News.

Sen. Kamala Harris, (D-Calif.), the Democratic choice for vice president, is “the most liberal person in Congress,” said the president, adding their administration would be a disaster for the American economy, playing into the hands of China.

“If Biden wins, China wins, because China will own this country,” President Trump said. “And hopefully you’re not going to be able to find that out.”

“He’s been so easy, they dream about him,” the president said. “If Joe Biden becomes president, China will own the United States.”

He reminded Americans how vital their vote would be, “this is the most important election in our history.”

The president vows to “make America into the manufacturing superpower in the world,” and will “continue to unleash American energy,” if he is voted in for 2020.

“We are totally energy independent right now,” said the president. “Joe Biden and the radical socialist Democrats would immediately collapse the economy.”

He added: “If they got in, they would crash it, you’ll have a crash, the likes of which you’ve never seen—your stocks, the 401ks … Those stocks will crash like you’ve never seen before.”

The president was asked about a fourth CCP Virus stimulus package, and if negotiations are happening with congressional Democrats.

“I know my customers, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Leader [Chuck] Schumer, they don’t want to make a deal,” he said. “These are people, I don’t have a lot of respect, they don’t have a lot of respect for the American people, and I know who I am dealing with.”

The president added: “They don’t want to make a deal because they know that’s good for the economy, therefore it is good for me on November 3, therefore, they’re not going to make a deal.”

The negotiations on a rescue package have been at a stalemate for several weeks after talks collapsed.

“They think if the country does as badly as possible, even though a lot of people are being hurt, that’s good for the Democrats,” the president continued. “I’m taking the high road by not seeing them. And if I thought it would make a difference, I’d do it in a minute.”

Speaking about the search for a vaccine for the CCP Virus, the president said his “Operation Warp Speed” program is gaining momentum. He is hopeful a vaccine will be available by the end of October, or at least by the end of the year.

“Under my leadership, we’ll produce a vaccine in record time,” he said.

The president criticized Democrats, claiming they are “disparaging” the vaccine, after Kamala Harris spoke on Sunday to CNN, and said a CCP Virus vaccine could not be trusted even if it was ready by the end of the year. She added, “there’s very little that we can trust that … comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth.”

“She’s talking about disparaging a vaccine so that people don’t think the achievement was a great achievement,” President Trump said, reports Japan Today.

“It is so contrary to all of the lies. They are political lies,” the president said. “And it is so dangerous for our country.”

“The vaccine will be very safe and very effective,” Trump continued. “We want to save a lot of lives. With me, it’s the faster the better … I am saying this in terms of this is what we need.”

He added: “The most important thing to me is saving lives. That’s the most important thing.”