The suspected driver of the SUV, who plowed his vehicle through the crowd in the Waukesha Christmas parade and caused multiple casualties, has been charged for the lives he allegedly killed, according to police.

CBS Chicago reported that Darrell Brooks, a career criminal with a significant criminal record, was given five counts of first-degree intentional homicide following the deaths of five victims, whose age ranged between 52 to 81. 

In Wisconsin, it is the legal equivalent of first-degree murder and would mean a life sentence for Brooks if he is convicted.

The 39-year-old suspect plowed into the parade participants as he fled the scene of a domestic incident that involved a knife on Sunday afternoon, Waukesha Chief of Police Daniel Thompson said. He revealed the investigation has ruled out the potential of a terrorist attack.

The recklessly driven vehicle further injured another 48 people, many of whom were minors between 3 to 16 years old. According to Fox News, staff at Children’s Wisconsin, a pediatric trauma hospital, said they treated 18 children, with six in critical conditions, three in serious condition, and one in an acceptable state.

Background checks unveiled Brooks as a person with a remarkable history of crime. According to the long list of offenses provided by CBS 2 that dated back to 1999, he was a convicted sex offender, he resisted arrest, and was once found guilty of strangulation.

Most notable was also a complaint that alleged he struck the mother of his child and ran a vehicle over her. Brooks was liberated on Nov. 2 after paying $1,000 in bail for the crime.

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