Authorities refuted media reports suggesting investigators found remains in Florida’s Carlton Reserve on Oct. 6.

Police are still searching for person-of-interest Brian Laundrie and found no campsite remnants. Investigators rejected an earlier report from CNN anchor Chris Cuomo that a source close to Laundrie’s family confirmed they made a breakthrough discovery.

“No campsite has been found,” North Port Police Department spokesman Josh Taylor said according to the Insider. “Nothing has been found, CNN has basically retracted the info, [and] the source they used was incorrect.”

Taylor clarified there was a chance Laundrie camped somewhere in the reserve overnight, and investigators might find evidence later on.

“Is it possible that they thought that there might be a campsite out there or something they may have seen from the air but when they go on the ground–that is not what it turned out to be?” he said according to CNN. “Sure, I think that is a possibility. Bottom line is that investigators are telling me that no campsite was found out there.”

After Laundrie vanished, police closed the reserve and began a manhunt back in September. His family members reported him missing on September 17, just days after his fiancée Gabby Petito disappeared. The suspect returned alone from their road trip.

Petitio’s body was identified at a remote Wyoming campground on Sept. 21. Her death is being treated as a homicide. The cause of death remains unknown according to the New York Post.

Petito’s disappearance has made Laundrie a person of interest, and police officers are still looking for him.

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