Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) harshly attacked the secrecy of the testimonies of the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump, which are being held behind closed doors and from which only damaging information is “leaked.”

Jordan explained his indignation and frustration in an interview on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” because Democrats are “making the rules as they move forward, but they’re not even following their own rules.”

According to Jordan, the impeachment inquiry of the  democratically elected U.S. president is not fair.

This process began as a result of a complaint by an anonymous intelligence agent who accused President Trump of coercing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, to investigate his political rival, Democrat Joe Biden, during a phone call on July 25.

Biden is under suspicion of corruption after bragging in 2018 that he pressured then-president of Ukraine Petro Porochenko to fire the country’s prosecutor general, who was investigating a Ukrainian energy company that had hired his son for an exorbitant $50,000 a month salary.

In this context, Jordan criticized that during this impeachment, undertaken by Democratic leaders, the content of the interviews that harm the president are leaked to the press—only to the press that is critical of Trump.

In other words, witness testimony is only secret if it benefits or exculpates President Trump.

“It’s a secret if it will be useful to the president in some way. It seems that, whatever they want to leak, they leak it,” he said in reference to a New York Times article published Tuesday revealing the contents of the testimony of one of the witnesses, in this case a senior State Department official in charge of Ukrainian policy.

“Think about what they’re trying to do,” Jordan told the show’s presenters.

“Thirteen months before an election, they are trying to remove the president of the United States, the leader of the Free World, based on an anonymous whistleblower, without firsthand knowledge [of the call],” Jordan added.

The Jordan mentioned that it has also recently been discovered that the anonymous whistleblower previously worked for Joe Biden.

“The whistleblower waited 18 days [from the time he wrote his complaint] to present it to the inspector general. Who is the first person he saw during those 18 days? Adam Schiff. Even before filing the complaint,” Jordan said.

Jordan said that Schiff is conducting a closed-door procedure “where the president has no rights and where the Republican minority does not have the capacity to request documents or witnesses, as Adam Schiff does.

“This is the most ridiculous and unfair process and I think Americans are seeing it for what it is, a total, unfair, and partisan attack,” added Jordan.

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