Water can be found everywhere on this beautiful planet, from the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas to the majestic Changjiang, Yellow, or Ganges rivers, from the glaciers at the two poles to underground rivers, from the Ho Khuk waterfall in Jiangxi Province to the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Water accounts for 70 percent of the surface of the Earth.

In organic matter, as we know, water accounts for most of the weight and volume. For example, when we crumple a leaf, water streams out. Keeping the leaf crumpled up would squeeze out all the water. So water constitutes the bulk of organic matter. By understanding water, we could also understand the myriad phenomena of the biological world.

And the food and water we consume everyday contains water sourced from precious freshwater. So it is needless say, without water, there is no living organism.


Water is the source of life. (


However, a Japanese researcher has gone further than that. After years of research on water, Dr. Masaru Emoto, a graduate of Yokohama Municipal University’s department of humanities and sciences and an alternative medicine physician, published the results of his experiments on water. He observed the formation of water crystals with different types of water and the reaction of water to sound, images, and language. Clean water stemming from any natural sources: be it glaciers, underground rivers, or surface streams can form very fine and beautiful hexagonal crystals. In contrast, water contaminated with artificial chemicals such as tap water containing chlorine (a type of bleach) like in Tokyo cannot form crystals.


Water through treatment. (

In contrast, unpolluted natural water forms very fine hexagonal crystals.


Spring water in Saijo, Hiroshima, Japan. (

In subsequent experiments, water was subjected to verbal comments. As a result, the comments with beautiful words resulted in very fine and balanced crystals, regardless of the expressed language.

Blessings with love and gratitude result in the most exquisite and beautiful crystalline water.

Cursing leads to the same result as when the water is polluted; it cannot form crystals but instead forms a very distorted image.

the-power-of-music-pictures-and-words-part-1 the-power-of-music-pictures-and-words-part-1

Water crystals when subjected to verbal comments. (

Even the sentence, “You make me angry, I will kill you” also creates a picture of a man holding a weapon. And the word “evil” looks horrible.


Water crystal subjected to verbal comments: “You make me angry I will kill you,” and the word “evil”. (

What are the reactions to music?

This is the result when water is exposed to the music of Beethoven, and Mozart. Especially with Tchaikovsky’s famous Swan Lake, water crystals portray exactly the content of the music.

But what happens when water listens to the sullen sounds and profanity in some Rock songs? The result is the same as when water comes in contact with the word “dumb.”


Water crystals change when listening to different sound tracks. (

How will water react to images? It does not only produce beautiful crystals, but it also depicts the spirit and content of the image.

Water crystals are beautiful, but a bit deformed. And that is the state of the Earth today.


The shape of a water crystal when presented with an image of Earth. (

And these are the images of a water crystal presented with a photo of the sun, a coral reef, a lake in Yellowstone National Park, and a water crystal presented with the image of Victoria Falls.

the-power-of-music-pictures-and-words-part-1 the-power-of-music-pictures-and-words-part-1

Water crystals miraculously change when presented with different photos. (

The image of coral reefs would form a small cluster of crystals. With the image of a lake in Yellowstone National Park, the crystals of water also show the color of a gemstone, which is very similar to the color of the lake. When seeing the image of Victoria Falls as mentioned above, crystals formed wide columns like the majestic falls.

An experiment was witnessed by 100 scientists. A glass of water was placed in front of the image of the dictator Adolf Hitler and another glass was placed in front of the image of the famous and compassionate Mother Teresa.

The two glasses of water were frozen at -20ºC and shown at up to 300 times magnification. The result showed that the glass of water which was placed in front of Mother Teresa’s image formed very elegant and beautiful crystals—a six-bladed flower. While the glass placed in front of the image of Hitler formed very ugly and horrible crystals. When all the witnesses saw the crystalline images, everyone was very moved.

Thus, we can see that: Water crystals express not only the image but also the content of the messages of the words, sounds, and images that water “sees” or “hears.” Good messages like images from nature, the universe, words of love and gratitude, words of wisdom, the great sound of navigation helping the soul to sublimate make the water crystal form a very nice hexagonal shape and color, like the message that water is exposed to. In contrast, with contaminated water or water that is exposed to bad language, scolding, threatening, verbal or bad images, the water does not form crystals or they have very scary color images.


Water can recognize all things, it is not wrong to say: Water carries within itself the characteristics of the universe and is the source of life. (

Now we understand that water is a mirror reflecting the image of the object that shines on it.

As a Chinese proverb goes, “Water is the glass of wisdom,” that is, water is the mirror of the mind.

Water is the great hard disk of the universe given to Earth, and stores all information that water comes into contact with. However, why do only words of love, words of wisdom, the beautiful sounds that lift the human heart higher, and pure and compassionate images make water form beautiful crystals?

In contrast, words that are rude, violent, hateful, threatening, jealous, humiliating, images of deadly evil, chaotic, and obscene sounds cannot form crystals, but only scary images. Emoto explained that negative aspects are not in line with nature—the universe does not produce such things. It is a product of a distorted human society. The universe is composed of compassion, beauty, and wisdom, not evil; it contains positive elements rather than evil power.

Nature without artificial influences has always been balanced because compassion is the characteristic of the universe. The big tree is a place for vines to cling. Tall trees do not kill shorter trees. Animals eat plants but they do not destroy the vegetation nor do they consume more than they need. Lions and tigers also do not hunt animals as killing for fun, and they only hunt when they are hungry.


Lao Zhi was a reputed Chinese sage, known as the founder of the philosophical system of Taoism. (Wikipedia)

Only human beings, unclear about the law of nature, out of their endless greed would find any and all means to satisfy those needs, regardless of the consequences in disturbing the natural balance.

Lao Zhi was a reputed Chinese sage, known as the founder of the philosophical system of Taoism. He said, “Man follows Earth, Earth follows Heaven, Heaven follows the Tao, the Tao follows what is natural”. Things that conform to the Tao are following nature and the laws of the universe. Going against nature is bad.

Lao Zhi also believed that supreme good is like water, which nourishes all things without trying to.

It is content with the low places that people disdain. Thus it is like the Tao.

Clearly, water will reflect the ‘soul’ of an object.

A piece of music will carry the soul of the musician in its sound, melody, and rhythm. An image carries its consciousness in its color, shape, and meaning. A word, a letter also brings consciousness, thought, and the feelings of the owner who created it.

Also the frequency of vibrations of all objects is sensed by water. We’ll go deeper in this in the next seasons.

Water does not only exist in rivers, streams, and lakes but also in all organic matter. The way we treat water is how we treat nature.

the-power-of-music-pictures-and-words-part-1 the-power-of-music-pictures-and-words-part-1

(Photo credit: Adobe Stock)

What about us? The human body is 70 percent water. Before we were born, our bodies were in water in the womb. So, it can be said that we are made up of water—a portable water jug. So in this water jug—this body of ours, its health and its integrity is completely dependent on what it contains: gratitude, love, wisdom, kindness, honesty, tolerance or violence, animosity, hatred, deceit, jealousy, narrowness. Having said that, water can crystallize into beautiful crystals or become scattered and distorted images.

It is our choice to build a pure, clear, and strong inner self. But it also depends on what we choose to hear, to see, to feel. … On the one hand we actively improve our minds. On the other hand, only if we remove the influences that bring negative information can we purify the water in our bodies.

And then we have the responsibility to bring compassion, honesty, and tolerance to a world of water to purify that world.

And that is the topic of the next article.

(The articles uses some images and research results presented in the the book “The Hidden Messages in Water ” of Dr. Masaru Emoto)