The Painted Beauty
of the Mother

The sweet masterpieces of maternal love by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

“Young woman watching the two children playing” (1861)

William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) is a highly acclaimed French traditional painter. His realistic paintings focus primarily on mythological themes, with an emphasis on the authentic beauty of the female form. The mythological atmosphere produced by his works delivers a classical air, whilst being a contemporary interpretation of honoring the perfect beauty of God and human.

Throughout his prolific career, Bouguereau completed and published 822 paintings, unfortunately, many of which were lost. Currently, Bouguereau’s paintings are counted among the most expensive paintings in the world.

His favored content was that of the maternal love of the mother. The warm and sweet beauty of maternal love was regularly, respectfully and lovingly, sketched by Bouguereau, engaging viewers with those deep and unforgettable moments.

“Brotherhood” (1851)

The world he portrays is a carefree world where innocent and pure children are happy in their mother’s arms, a pure and peaceful world, where there is almost no gap between God and humanity.

The “Kindness” (1859)

The Mothers depicted in Bouguereau‘s paintings are young women who are tender and full of love and happiness. His paintings give the audience the feeling that they are innocent voyeurs, observing the seemingly most beautiful and peaceful moment of the objects life. Several of his paintings depicting the young Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ as a babe are, despite depicting the holiest of scenes, focused on the warm bond between mother and son.

These women feature both the beauty of fullness and maturity and the beauty of maternal love. The mothers appeared in his paintings all are warm, kindhearted and graceful; sometimes smiling happily, sometimes in the pensive, thoughtful state but always being very tender and feminine.

“The mother watching baby” (1871)

Bouguereau’s paintings deliver a feeling of deep calmness as if we truly are admiring a heavenly world full of compassion and pureness, without the presence of any tricks, or conflicts. In that place, high-level beings are always free, warmhearted, and tolerant. The atmosphere is pure and quiet, leading the viewers to enter into peaceful moments for themselves.

When he was alive, Bouguereau gained fame and fortune for his beautiful paintings depicting women beside their children. As soon as these paintings were completed, they were snapped up to new owners. Paintings about mothers are indisputably attached to the name of William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

Let’s admire the most beautiful paintings of William-Adolphe Bouguereau that once portrayed the mother.

“Innocence” (1893)

The “Music of the Angels” (1881)

“Mother of the roses” (1903)

The “Sulky Girl” (1888)

I am growing in your arms
Each moment, I’m trying hard
I am shining in your eyes
Soft pillow welcomes your love.

Bringing me to sweet and quiet
Falling asleep in the middle of drizzle and wind
Your arms are the roof of the house.
Sweet lullaby filled me up with your love.

A mother endures the full of storms and anguishes
Giving me a big breast of milk
Grow up in the worn-out mother’s shape
Bring me into life with your love.

Maternal love as big as Sun and Sea
Gives me the life
Let me look sunshine tomorrow.
Make a way to bring about the wonderful future.

Every step on the way tomorrow
Mother will help me stand up if I fall down
Always there is a mother nearby
Thank God for giving me a gentle mother.

“There is nothing heavy” (1895)

“The early tenderness” (1866)

“Young mother and small child” (1877)

“Return after harvest” (1878)

“The mother watching the baby” (1869)

“Rest” (1879)

“The child of Breton” (1871)

“Mother Mary, Jesus and Saint John” (1875)

“The Woman of Cyprus” (1879)

“The baby kisses Mother” (1890)

“Mercy” (1878)

The “Mother Land” (1883)

“The Grapes” (1868)