Good deeds could make someone’s entire day. After a while, maybe no one will remember what they did. But some people continue to help others without asking anything in return. During the Shanghai epidemic, many stories regarding these kind-hearted people circulated on the Internet.

A doctor in Shanghai, Zhang Qiang, 56 years old, has opened a free online clinic for patients who seek medical treatments.

He also has an 83-year-old mother who lives alone. He also worries about her health and her safety.

He was meant to receive a salary on the 10th of each month. But many companies were unable to pay due to the epidemic.

He said that Shanghai has been under lockdown for so long, and everyone has difficulties. He added that there are still many people who have to pay rent and mortgages.

When he got the exit permit, he rode more than 20 kilometers in lousy weather and wanted to help more people with his money.

Whenever he feels hungry, he sits on the side of the road and eats bread.

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