Scientists who were falsely portrayed as impartial in disinforming about the possibility of the disastrous CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus escaping from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), China, have received benefits from the CCP, creating conflicts of interest.

These are renowned specialists Dr. Joseph Fair, Dr. Ian Lipkin, and researcher Elodie Ghedin, who, through major media outlets, have tried to discredit the most likely version of the origin of the CCP virus, as revealed by The National Pulse on April 27. 

For his part, Fair, an NBC science contributor, called on the Trump administration to “stop blaming China,” despite all the irregularities committed by the CCP, including preventing an independent investigation at the lab and blocking whistleblower allegations.

He also tried to deflect attention from critics by emphasizing the supposed “openness of the labs with respect to data sharing” even though the institute deleted 16,000 virus samples in late 2019 and continued to do so throughout the pandemic.

In his track record with the Wuhan Institute, Fair counts successful talks presented at the venue and also “looks forward to cooperating with the Institute in the relevant research field in future,” The National Pulse report reveals. 

Fair also praises his good relations with colleagues at the Global Viral Forecasting Institute (GVFI) in China, noting that they are “collaborators,” “colleagues,” and “friends,” adding, “I’ve very much enjoyed working with them over the years.”

In the same vein has been Dr. Lipkin, who became a spokesman claiming that “there is no evidence to suggest that [the CCP Virus] was created in a laboratory.” His assertions were amplified by media outlets such as CBS and USA Today.

Lipkin described himself as a “consultant” to the Chinese communist regime and was awarded by it. 

In this context Professor Ghedin, who had already visited WIV in 2016, also deflected attention from those suspicious of WIV to the theory that the virus had originated in the city’s wet market. 

“People have been saying that’s an engineered virus. And it’s not. And we know that by looking at the genetic information, looking at the code. And the code tells you a lot,” Ghedin stated on the CBS News talk show 60 Minutes.

The CCP’s contacts among U.S. academics and high-level politicians who often defend its dangerous influence despite blatant human rights violations have been reported relatively frequently. 

Worse, the CCP Ministry of Science and Technology announced that the dictatorial regime plans to soon build three more Level 4 biosafety laboratories across the country, along with 88 Level 3 biosafety laboratories. 

During the announcements, the minister, Xiang Libin, informed about the new Biosafety Law, allowing the regime to have more independence to make decisions in this regard and create a legal basis for future inconveniences.

So far, it has not been possible for other countries to obtain satisfactory answers, let alone economic compensation, for the disaster caused worldwide by the CCP Virus, which originated in the city of Wuhan.

For his part, former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is one of those who defend the theory of the origin of the CCP Virus in the Wuhan virology laboratory. On several occasions, he has referred to China’s history of virus accidents.

“Accidental laboratory infections have caused several previous virus outbreaks in China and elsewhere, including a 2004 SARS outbreak in Beijing,” Pompeo said in a statement.

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