Students across China have started returning to the classroom amid the regime’s attempt to curb the COVID outbreaks. Parents often accompany their children on the first day of school. However, some parents were “dumbfounded” when they arrived at the dormitory, which accommodates 80 beds.

On September 7th, CCTV News reported that some parents complained about the dormitory conditions on the first day of school in Pushang Experimental School in Puyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Henan.

In the video, a parent revealed that the dormitory was in a warehouse with 80 beds. The roof is made of iron sheets.

Because it was newly constructed, the smell inside was overpowering.

The paint on the bed frames had not thoroughly dried, and there are only 17 pit toilets in the dormitory.

Some parents found it “unacceptable” for their children to live in such conditions.

On the morning of September 6th, a local insider told Jimu News that grades six and seven dormitories only have eight students in each room. And the 80-person dormitory is arranged for grade 8 students.

A school staff member then suggested transferring students to other places in the surrounding areas if parents were not satisfied with the school’s current accommodation. 

The school has recently rented houses in the surrounding area for these students.

The parents described the school’s proposed rental housing solution as “unrealistic,” because there were no houses around the school.

The Jimu News reporter contacted a teacher at the school to get more information about the matter. However, the teacher hung up the phone after saying he was not the head of the school.

A staff member of the Puyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee responded that the local education department has now intervened and dealt with the matter.

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