The violence in Portland is relentless. Antifa protesters in a new commando attack chose the last night of the year to express their hatred for the capitalist system and the American spirit by destroying businesses with firebombs, fireworks, and blunt objects such as bricks, sticks, and rocks. The Oregon government of Democrat Kate Brown took no action.

Antifa protesters attacked police in Portland in a commando raid with firebombs and fireworks on the last night of the year. According to city police office officials, the left-wing rioters also attacked the courthouse and several downtown businesses.

Antifa protesters threw Molotov cocktail-style firebombs at the downtown business district and the federal courthouse. When the police tried to defend the buildings, they were attacked by the rioters, who threw stones, bricks, and sticks.

Fireworks land on federal police facing protesters after a riot was declared near the Justice Center on New Year’s Eve in downtown Portland, Oregon, on Dec. 31, 2020. (Mathieu Lewis-Rolland/Reuters)

According to police sources, after receiving news of the coup d’état, they ordered the extreme left groups to disperse, but they refused to obey. And they had to resist the attacks, without attacking.

Journalist Andy Ngô covered part of the events from his Twitter account: “In downtown Portland and outside the federal courthouse in Hatfield, Antifa attacked by throwing fireworks, mortar bombs and projectiles at the police.”

As Andy Ngô continued, Antifa succeeded in destroying several stores, setting fires, and forcing the outnumbered forces of law and order to retreat on a night of extreme “planned violence.” 

Zane Spalding, a reporter for the Portland Tribune, published on his Twitter account the businesses destroyed by the violent leftists. He said a Starbucks coffee chain store, which has been repeatedly destroyed by the protesters, is closed for good.

“Starbucks is leaving. They’re gone,” one employee told Spalding. “They’re not coming back after this.”

Portland citizens can no longer tolerate the violence and focus their criticism on Oregon’s Democratic Governor Kate Brown. Brown imposes the obligation to wear masks inside one’s home at family events, prohibits meetings of more than six people, closes down businesses that are the engine of the economy indefinitely, but controversially, gives free rein to leftist groups such as Antifa or BLM.

Police officers, faced with the government’s refusal to take action, are pleading with citizens to help “break the cycle of violence” in the state of Oregon.

Portland has seen more homicides during 2020 than in almost three decades, adding more than 850 shootings through December, which is more than double the number reported in 2019.

On Dec. 16, Police Chief Chuck Lovell made a public call to citizens on Twitter, telling his followers that the police department and the community “must do everything possible together to break the cycle of violence.”

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