Many videos circulated in the last two days show residents in Dandong city, Liaoning Province breaking out in protest, demanding the unblocking. 

They could not bear more than two months of closure without work, income, and supplies. When learning that they receive no suitable response, they try to escape from the community in other ways.

The city was closed in April and then unblocked in June. However, since then, several more blocked areas have been added.

During the lockdown, many Dandong residents uploaded videos asking for attention and assistance, but none have gained public attraction or response from authorities.

Moreover, netizens found that 99% of the comments under citizens’ videos came from Liaoning residents. There were no comments from users from other places. Therefore, people suspect the Internet is blocked, and information is not transmitted to other regions.

Unable to put their anger into words, citizens choose to protest collectively.

They put up banners, chanted slogans against nucleic acid testing, and asked for work and production resumption.

Residents gather at the gate of their communities to demonstrate, chanting “unblock.”

Or they try to negotiate with anti-epidemic workers.

Realizing that the protests are ineffective, residents attempt to get out of their community in their way.

Residents tear down the fences and lift the blockade on their own.

Or, together, remove the barricades.

Even an older man is very adept at escaping the blockade.

In response, the local government announced on June 13 precise zoning, classification, prevention, and control measures. They also stated the restoration of production and living order.

However, they impose the rule “no leave from inside, no entry from outside,” requiring people not to leave unless necessary. As a result, examination and approval of leaving the city are strengthened, causing people more unbearable stress.

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