Journalist Aaron Rupar was widely criticized for writing a tweet trying to mock the words used by President Donald Trump in officially proclaiming Labor Day on Sept. 2 in the country. Rupar had to delete it when he realized that Obama had used the same terms before.

President Trump used the phrase ” by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States,” in his statement, and the journalist wrote: “Does he think he just created Labor Day?”

“Deleted this tweet because Obama’s Labor Day statements included this language too.”

A few hours later he deleted the tweet containing his purported mockery of the presidential holiday speech, explaining that the previous president had used the same expressions for the same event, which are in fact officially used on similar occasions.

Moreover, since Labor Day has been commemorated since 1894, it is likely that other presidents have used similar phrases in all those years.

Mocking about the mistake has rained down on Rupar ever since, with some Internet users saying phrases like “Aww! Propaganda busted?” and “This is why it is called ‘fake news.'” Some even considered that the journalist was using double standards: “So it’s fine for Obama to said it… No double standards here, I see 🙄.”

Thus, readers responded to the journalist who initially tried to mock President Trump, but regretted it as soon as he realized that the phrases used by him, aside from being part of the official terminology, had been used by former President Barack Obama.

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