A father with five children and declared advocate for allowing illegal immigration into the United States was fatally run over by an illegal alien who was sheltered in a ‘sanctuary church in Colorado Springs, Denver.

Sean Buchanan, a beloved member of his community and very critical of President Donald Trump’s immigration policy, died instantly when an illegal alien entered his lane and fatally struck his motorcycle while riding on Highway 83, according to Pluralist.

Miguel Ramírez Valiente, in the United States since 2005, is a Salvadoran who became very popular earlier this year when he avoided deportation by taking refuge in the Universalist Unitarian Church of All Souls, a non-Christian confession very active in defending its concept of ‘social justice.’

Ramírez said he had fled gang violence in his home country and wanted to stay in the United States to take care of his wife and three children who were already in the country, Denver 7 explained.

However, when he killed Buchanan, Ramírez was driving without a license because it had been revoked in 2018 for driving under the influence of prohibited substances.

He was also arrested for recklessness in 2011 and for domestic violence in 2016, although he was not convicted of the latter.

An acquaintance of Ramírez told Denver 7 that this tragedy could have been prevented.

“This man had caused trouble on many occasions. This could have been prevented,” said a woman who knew Ramírez and asked that her identity not be revealed for fear of retaliation.

“He should have been arrested. He was driving with no license,” she said.

“My personal opinion is that we do not do enough to stop this kind of thing. If you’re here, and you are a hard worker and you are not causing trouble in doing bad things, that’s fine. But he had caused a lot of trouble and now we have a death because of this,” she added.

Sanctuary policies prevent deportation of criminal illegals

Sanctuary policies are ordinances, practices, or municipal regulations that prohibit public employees, including the police, from cooperating with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

These regulations, adopted by Democratic leaders in many of the cities and states they govern, protect illegal aliens from immigration and deportation officials, while allowing them to live in the United States illegally, even if they have committed crimes, according to Fox News.

Since the early days of Trump’s presidency, his administration has struggled with the concept of “sanctuary city” by seeing them as refuges for criminals and organized crime gangs like MS-13.

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