According to NTDTV, in Fuqing city, Fujian province, local authorities are alleged to have taken over thousands of acres of land.

Authorities said they use these lands for public works. However, people accused them of misusing the land.

Specifically, people said, in 2000, the local government in Guqing city asked people to hand over 1,153 Acres of land to a Fujian province land development project.

A resident named Guo said Fuqing city took people’s land and rented it out.

In late 2001, the local authority in Fuping city illegally transferred 18 Acres of farmland to housing construction companies.

Guo, over 60, shared that when she went to complain about her and other people’s land being stolen, she was stopped 12 times by local authorities. She was also arrested, detained, and had her freedom restricted.

Guo said she accepted representing 1,483 households with more than 6000 people demanding justice. In 2013, she was beaten and injured by dozens of people. In 2019, she was stopped in Beijing, taken to a local police station, and handcuffed to a chair for 17 hours.

Guo said the authorities had appropriated 0.5 Acres of her agricultural land. Currently, they have allowed strangers to build three houses on her land.

She added that when local people have no land to farm, most of them have to work as hired laborers to make a living.

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