Four reports published on Friday, Oct. 25, uncovered many of the criminal activities committed by what is known as the deep state during the presidency of Democrat Barack Obama.

A recent book written by former Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, “The Deep State: How an Army of Bureaucrats Protected Barack Obama and Is Working to Destroy the Trump Agenda,” explains what this group is and what it is after.

“The Deep State is real,” Chaffetz wrote in his book. “It doesn’t like to be unmasked, to be held accountable, or to be held responsible for nothing,” he added.

“They defend themselves, stay [in their posts] longer than others, and work within the system for their own benefit. And they certainly don’t like disturbing forces like Donald Trump’s,” he said.

According to The Gateway Pundit, last Friday four reports came out that would reveal many of the corrupt actions that took place under the Obama administration.

The FISA report

Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz told Congress that his report on alleged abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) prior to the 2016 presidential election was “nearly complete,” according to a letter obtained by Fox News.

Horowitz had been investigating very sensitive national security and law enforcement issues in reference to orders the Justice Department and FBI obtained to spy on Carter Page, adviser to then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

These authorizations, based on the FISA law, were obtained on the basis of the discredited Steele Dossier, drafted by former British spy Christopher Steele on behalf of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to Fox News.

Horowitz also said Thursday in his letter that the final report “will be released publicly with few redactions.”

Investigation into deep state crimes

The New York Times revealed Friday that Attorney General William Barr’s Justice Department is conducting an investigation into the alleged Russian collusion.

The new status of the investigation allows U.S. Attorney John Durham, the prosecutor tapped by Attorney General William Barr to subpoena witnesses, file charges, and impanel fact-finding grand juries.

Durham’s investigation into possible FBI and Department of Justice misconduct focuses on the FISA order obtained by the FBI to monitor Trump’s former adviser, as well as general surveillance issues during the 2016 campaign.

Gateway Pundit believes that this investigation may be ongoing for some time and that The New York Times has leaked it to alert the deep state’ so they can prepare their defense against the criminal charges.

Former National Security Adviser of the United States Michael Flynn’s case

More high impact news came when the lawyer of the former National Security adviser Michael Flynn, said in court that the FBI manipulated the transcript of an interview to accuse him of perjury, according to the National Review.

Flynn was interrogated by FBI agent Peter Strozk, who was fired from the investigation team of special counsel Robert Mueller when text messages despising President Trump were discovered between him and his FBI colleague Lisa Page, with whom he was also having an affair.

Strozk and another agent questioned Flynn about his contacts with Russia during his term as national security adviser under Donald Trump and concluded that the Flynn had lied about it.

However, his lawyer revealed on Friday that they manipulated the form summarizing Flynn’s statements to investigators:

“This is a deceptive manipulation because, as the notes of the agents show, Mr. Flynn was not even sure he had spoken to Russia/Kislyak on the issue. He had talked to dozens of countries.”

“That question and answer does not appear in the notes, yet it was made into a criminal offense,” Powell wrote in his motion to the court.

“The draft also shows that the agents moved a sentence to make it seem to be an answer to a question it was not,” the lawyer added.

4.- Joe Biden scandals in Romania

On Oct. 24 NBC revealed that Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, was hired as a lawyer by a businessman accused of corruption in Romania, Gabriel ‘Puiu’ Popoviciu, at the time when his father was vice president of the U.S. government under Barack Obama.

“We don’t know what [Hunter Biden] was paid or what he was paid for but it does raise questions of whether this Romanian individual facing criminal charges was actually paying for a connection to the American vice president,” said Kathleen Clark, a Washington University law professor specializing in government ethics.

The exact extent of Hunter Biden’s assistance in the Popoviciu case is not known, but the Romanian tycoon was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2017 for corruption in the sale of land in Romania.

This Romanian issue has received far less media attention than the Biden businesses in China or Ukraine, although the connections are also very deep.

President Trump’s lawyer and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani recently said, according to The Gateway Pundit, “Obama ran a pay-for-play sham his entire time in office,” and that his “VP was making millions and his Secretary of State Hillary was making hundreds of millions.”

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