Recently, China has been experiencing some natural disasters and extreme weather such as heavy snow and rain during summertime. Some areas in China were covered with snow while others were heavily flooded as a consequence.

On May 14, a heavy snowfall occurred in Huang Anba Scenic Spot, Chengkou County, Chongqing province, just one week after summer began in China. Huashan Scenic Area experienced snow and rain on the same day. It was cloudy the day before.

A video shows scenes of cars, schools, shops, and houses submerged in water in Zhongshan on May 11.

Water was everywhere in the video. Even large vehicles like trucks couldn’t move on the street. Household items were floating in the water. Residents had to walk in the water. Some residents were trying to get the water out of their houses for fear they would lose everything.

As netizens commented, the weather this year is too uncommon.

The China Times said official media Xinhua Net reported that Zhongshan city recorded a maximum cumulative rainfall of 499.4 mm. However, the rescue team timely transferred trapped people to safe places. The Zhongshan neighborhood turned into a pond with trapped cars.

On May 12, the government of Zhongshan said that all kindergartens, elementary, and high schools in the area would be closing.

As reported by China Times, around 5,900 people threatened by heavy rainfall moved to evacuate to a safe place in Jiangmen Taishan City.

Moreover, the Central Meteorological Station continued to issue orange warnings of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms in eastern Jiangnan on May 12.

In addition, heavy rainfall hit Guangxi Basai City, Tiandong County, on May 13. The sudden rain caused the entire village to be flooded, forming a “lake” with a radius of about 3 kilometers.

The Tiandong County Fire and Rescue Brigade sent 4 vehicles and 20 firefighters to rescue the flooded village. When the rescue team arrived at the scene, they found that the village was located in a low-lying area of the valley.

After seven hours, 42 trapped people were rescued and transferred to safe places.

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