Consecutive earthquakes hit Tianjin and Hebei during the national holiday

According to Chinese media reports, there were two earthquakes in Tianjin and Hebei during the Chinese National Day holiday.

At 16:07 on October 2, a magnitude 2.2 earthquake occurred in Tianjin Binhai New Area, at a depth of almost 7 miles (11 km).

The earthquake was small and happened so quickly that the people of Tianjin didn’t have time to feel it. 

However, at 1:49 a.m the next day, a magnitude 4.3 earthquake occurred in Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, at a depth of just over 6 miles (10 km).

According to Xinjin News, people in Shijiazhuang city felt the earthquake. In addition, locals on the 20th floor said the house shook significantly when the earthquake occurred.

Videos shared online show that the earthquake damaged some houses and cracked walls. After the earthquake, the Hebei provincial authority started the emergency response to the Category IV earthquake disaster from 16:20 on October 3.

Henan: $7,000 reward for people reporting COVID fever cases

The COVID pandemic’s prevention tightened up everywhere, leading to National Party Congress on October 16.

According to Chinese media, Shenqiu County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, issued a notice on the “reward mechanism” in epidemic prevention and control on October 3.

The announcement said that staff who check QR codes at “sentry points” such as medical institutions, hotels, pharmacies, restaurants, supermarkets, taxis, and so on would be rewarded when they report to the authorities. The specific prices are as follows:

Detecting a yellow-code person earns $28. Catching a red-code person makes $70. It’s $700 for a fevered person with a history of living in a medium or high-risk area. If the nucleic acid test result of the person with fever is positive, it will rise to over $7,000. In addition, a fee of $14 is paid for detecting a person who did not scan the code.

Once authorities released the announcement, it immediately caused a stir and became a hot search on Baidu.

A netizen said that the policy is like a joke. Does it encourage the development of an “imported positive case” or advocate the acquisition of a “wandering positive case”? Another asked, “Has the opportunity to make money come?”

Pandemic repeats as lockdown lifted, Sanya expands COVID testing everywhere

According to RFA, less than a week after the lockdown was lifted in Sanya, Hainan, the pandemic returned. On October 4, anti-epidemic staff started nucleic acid screening for everyone as authorities urgently tightened their policy on pandemic prevention.

This announcement was released as soon as Sanya discovered two positive cases of COVID on October 3.

One case was a person from a low-risk area in a foreign province. This case had a positive nucleic acid test result in the “three-day and two-test” home health monitoring and was diagnosed as an asymptomatic infected person. The other person is in close contact with the abovementioned case and was found in a nucleic acid test under quarantine.

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