Two Democratic representatives are demanding that the Chinese regime not pay tariffs on its exports to the United States even though it hid the outbreak of the CCP (Communist Party of China) Virus, which already caused many deaths and disaster around the world.

Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.) and Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-S.C.). Murphy owns a patent for one of the sports products her husband manufactures in China, and both would benefit economically from this tariff measure.

The letter of application they are signing jointly envisages that at least alternatives such as lowering the tariffs, banning additional fees, and refunding the money collected for this are approved.

The request is contradictory when in the same document the representatives acknowledge the violations of international trade and investment rules by the Chinese regime.

The Chinese regime has come in for much criticism for concealing the outbreak of the CCP Virus, a family of the coronavirus, by preventing international organizations from intervening in a timely manner and preventing the pandemic, which is now causing death and ruin around the world.

Moreover, the Chinese regime has launched propaganda campaigns to avoid the fact that the CCP Virus originated in the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

“The Wuhan virus came from China. If they had been open and honest with us from the beginning, a lot fewer people would have gotten sick and a lot fewer people would have died,” said Jamison Johnson, who is running for a congressional seat representing South Carolina’s first district.

After nearly two months, the Chinese communist regime found it impossible to hide the infection any longer, and it is estimated that millions of people carrying the virus had already spread throughout China and other countries around the world.

The Chinese regime not only hid the appearance of the CCP Virus but also persecuted those who tried to report its appearance and even recently expelled American journalists from China, going so far as to blame the United States for the spread of the virus.

So far, at least 9,000 deaths and more than 222,000 people are reported to be infected. The economic losses around the world are incalculable, and it is not yet possible to determine the end of the disaster caused by the CCP Virus.