The most expensive tea in the world is called China’s ‘national treasure’

China is known as the birthplace of many rare teas in the world with special flavors. 

Among them is Da Hong Pao, a tea that is protected and considered a national treasure in this nation. It is also known as one of the famous Ten Great Tea Names in the tea ceremony.

Da Hong Pao tea is a type of oolong tea originating from Wuyishan, Fujian. This is a tea with excellent quality, a long-lasting orchid fragrance, and a sweet taste.

This tea is picked and extracted from ancient tea trees that are several hundred to thousands of years old. They often grow on high mountain cliffs that stand up all year round in the fog and cloud cover of Wuyi Mountain.

There are only six mother trees on the earth, and they produce the best Da-Hong Pao tea. The greatest auction record was set in 2005 when 20 grams of Da-Hong Pao tea from the mother plants sold for nearly $30,000.

The 26-story pig farm looks like a hotel in China

Recently some pictures surfaced showing the inside of a 26-story skyscraper in China set to be used as a mass pig farm.

According to Chinese media, this project under construction consists of two 26-story buildings, every 400,000 square meters. From the outside, it looks like a big hotel. The investor is Zhong Xin Kai Wei livestock company in Ezhou city, Hubei province, China.

This project is one of the most modern pig farms in China. This complex can produce 1.2 million pigs for slaughter/per year to provide 108,000 tons of pork/per year. The investment cost is estimated at 4 billion yuan (about $550 million).

The building has a control system and catering equipment for each pig, ensuring their weight and health.

Such modern pig farms are now developing amid China’s growing demand for pork.

Heavy snowfall in Heilongjiang

China has begun to enter a cold winter. Affected by the cold air in the northwest, from the afternoon of October 30 to early November, Harbin, Mohe, Tahe, and other places in Heilongjiang experienced heavy snowfall. The meteorological department also issued a yellow blizzard warning signal.

Photos shared on the internet show that snow has covered many areas, making it difficult for people to move.

Xu Liling, director of the Meteorological Observatory and senior engineer of Mohe City, said that as of 20:00 on the 31st, the snow depth in Mohe City was 15.4 cm (6 inches), the precipitation was 13.8 mm (0.5 inches), and the snowfall in 12 hours reached the level of a blizzard.

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