A Georgia couple was gunned down at home while their toddler remained unhurt.

Amber and Justin Hicks, both 31, were found shot to death inside their Acworth home at 9:30 a.m., Thursday, Nov. 18, according to Cobb police spokesperson Sgt. Wayne Delk. A 2-year-old child was discovered in the house unhurt and is now safe with family members, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

The couple’s next-door neighbor reported the heartbreaking spectacle of cops rescuing the toddler.

“I run up the street, they’re freaking out and crying, and the police brings the child out holding him by his torso, runs him out, and the grandmother grabbed him, and the grandfather grabbed him, and they’re crying and freaking out saying, ‘Where’s my baby?’” Hannah Mabrey, who lives next door, recalled to a local TV station.

(11Alive/Screenshot via TheBL/Youtube)

Mabrey told Fox 5 Atlanta that the couple had recently purchased a home in the area. She described the couple as “really sweet people.”

“This is the nicest couple. They were young, they had a young child,” she said. “They just moved here and were so excited to be homeowners.”

“The whole neighborhood came together over it to support their family,” Mabrey added. “They were really sweet people. I can’t imagine who did this to them.”

Chief Tim Prather said in a news release on Friday, Nov. 19, that Justin Hicks has been a firefighter with Cherokee Fire and Emergency Services for more than six years. Hicks, according to Prather, wass a very motivated, enthusiastic person who recently completed his paramedic training, New York Post reported.

“He was always a highly motivated, energetic individual who deeply loved his job as a firefighter and consistently worked to do better and be better every day,” Cherokee County Fire Chief Tim Prather said Friday in a statement. “He was really thrilled on his recent accomplishment of completing his paramedic program training.

“Justin has touched and impacted many lives, and he will be dearly missed.” 

(11Alive/Screenshot via TheBL/Youtube)

A family friend set up a GoFundMe campaign to help with the costs of raising and caring for the child, as well as funeral expenditures. According to the campaign page, those who knew the pair “can’t understand it, and we are still as a family, and as a community processing it.”

The shootings, according to Delk, occurred between Wednesday night, Nov. 17, and Thursday morning, Nov. 18, and were carried out by one or more “unknown assailants.” There is no evidence that the alleged shooter remained in the vicinity.

“This is being investigated as a double homicide,” On Friday, Delk told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that police have no evidence of a murder-suicide.

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