Charlie Kirk, the founder and president of the national student movement Turning Point USA, said that Google was “the most dangerous company on the face of the planet because of the “Search Engine Manipulation Effect.” He noted that Google diverted some 2.6 million votes to the Democrats in 2016.

This statement was made by U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) since “it’s the biggest by far. By far the most powerful, and it controls the vast majority of the searches people do,” quoting Kirk’s Jan. 5 Human Events article

Kirk reaches an overwhelming conclusion after enumerating multiple pieces of evidence of the immense power of the great technological platforms. 

“The year 2020 marked the most blatant wielding of Big Tech’s weaponry we have seen to date,” he wrote.

He added: “Despite the clear and present danger shown to us—very publicly and in real-time—we failed as a nation to do anything to address it.”

“Now, with a new administration close to stepping in, we may have lost our moment,” he said, knowing that Silicon Valley’s big businesses fund the Democratic Party abundantly and impose their leftist agenda, which is not without its perplexities. 

Despite multiple attempts to regulate these powerful conglomerates, none have had any effect.

In October, this was not possible when the Department of Justice filed an antitrust suit defining it as the “most dangerous company” for violations of the Sherman Act, designed to limit monopolies in the United States.

Nor did it help that 38 states sued Google in mid-December for suppressing search results and harming small competitors and consumers.

Nor did it help that President Trump tried unsuccessfully to repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Nor did it help that CEOs were summoned several times to testify before Congress and got off scot-free.

They overcame all attempts to curtail their activities and succeeded in imposing “what issues should be promoted or suppressed, and what discussion would be permissible regarding those issues,” notes Kirk.

They have even surpassed the FBI because it cannot act outside its constitutional boundaries since it is a government entity. At the same time, Google, being a company that manages its platform, can do many more things. 

At this time, “unfettered communication is essential to our survival as free people,” says Kirk, as are water and electricity services. 

The big technology companies have come to the point of even censoring the President and closing his accounts for as long as they like, without any repercussions, only considering themselves people who prevent “violence.”