Internet operatives appear to have posted “proof” of what search teams supposedly discovered while looking for Gabby Petito’s missing fiancé Brian Laundrie at a “makeshift Florida campsite.”

While investigating the forests in Fort de Soto earlier this month, amateur detectives claim to have discovered a Gatorade bottle, minor knife wounds on trees, and a pile of pistachio shells, The Sun reported.

According to an online detective known only on social media as Kryreth the Kayak Bounty Hunter, when the K9 teams investigated the woods, a Gatorade bottle, a piece of used tissue, and nutshells were recovered.

The “detective” claimed to have discovered a piece of jewelry but was unsure of the type.

While investigating the woods, Kryreth claimed to have discovered a “shelter.” The branches were woven in a form that only survivalists would recognize, he claimed.

He also claimed to have discovered a “trail” that led directly to the water’s edge and posted photos of a tiny tree with “knife cuts.”

Kryreth shared footage on YouTube showing K9s sniffing for clues and search teams scouring the campsite.

Dog the Bounty Hunter, a reality TV star, investigated the area for weeks and said earlier this month that he discovered a “makeshift, basic camp.”

Dog said last month that while combing the area, he discovered personal belongings that he believes belong to Laundrie.

Lyssa Chapman, Dog’s daughter, did not describe the objects her father allegedly discovered.

“We are pretty sure that he is stashed out on those islands and mostly active after the parks are closed and everyone goes home,” she told NewsNation.

As he rummaged around the forests of nearby Shell Island, Dog appeared to come across a can of Monster Energy Ultra Gold.

It’s unclear who left the item at the scene and whether the can belongs to Laundrie.

However, the can had no indications of rust or fading, indicating that it was left there recently.

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