According to Sound of Hope, from mid-August to early September, China’s media continuously promoted articles discussing an administrative reform called “experience in civil servants cuts.” 

However, Chinese people turned to social media to reveal another fact. They said that because of difficulties, districts in China are laying off a series of civil servants.

A Twitter account named Wen Jun reported that the number of party and government organizations in the Hequ district, Shanxi Province, had decreased from 36 to 22. The number of leadership positions decreased from 135 to 114; 186 units after the merger remained only 40, reducing 1,964 job positions to 659.

Lao Xu, the author of the official account “Pretending to be Paradise” on the Chinese social network, said that at least 200 counties in Shanxi Province are experiencing a budget crunch and are starting to lay off mass civil servants.

Lao Xu said that, in the past, many cities in China employed civil servants thanks to the revenues from real estate and the flow of money from outside investments.

But now, this advantage has been lost. With no more funds, they are forced to implement administrative reform, the so-called “civil servant cut.”

Lao Xu shared that he conducted an internet survey and found that civil servant layoffs are happening all over the country in China.

However, the number of applications for civil service jobs by young people in China has not decreased because private companies are also laying off many employees because of difficulties.

Currently, Lao Xu’s posts have been blocked in mainland China.

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