How far to insert a cotton swab up the nose during sampling?

A video posted on July 6 by Twitter user @wenjun7011 shows Chinese medical staff taking a sample from a resident with a nasal swab.

Covid testing has become omnipresent worldwide; however, what shocks netizens is when the cotton swab is pulled out of the resident’s nose.

According to instructions by U.K.’s National Health Service, insert only 1.5 cm up the nose to take a swab sample.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows similar instructions.

A netizen wonders whether it is a brain test.

Another asks if it is necessary to poke so deep.

Most netizens show their fears watching the sampling process.

A wave of residents flee from Shanghai and Xi’an

Shanghai and Xi’an announced a lockdown on the same day, July 5, due to the resurgence of Covid-19.

Residents rush to escape their cities overnight.

Xi’an station is full of people lining up to buy tickets.

There are long lines of cars at the highway intersections out of the city.

Students also found ways to escape before midnight.

Hundreds of students march to protest, demanding to return home at the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Haojing College. Some students scream out they would like to go home.

In Shanghai, people quickly pack up and rush out.

The elevator and subway are full of escapers.

The financial hub imposes the closures to many communities, such as those in Fenglin street, Xuhui District, or four villages of Laoshan, Pudong New Area.

In the residential area in Jing’an District, some residents are about to catch a plane but are stuck inside. So they shake the chains and slam the gate; however, the local supervisor won’t open the gate so they can catch to plane.

Car driver narrowly escapes death in a tunnel collapse

The video shows a thrilling moment on July 5, Suining, Sichuan. A landslide causes a high-speed tunnel to collapse. Luckily, a car drives quickly and narrowly escapes death.

How can this be?

The video shows an unexpected accident happening at the construction site. For an unknown reason, a man is trapped in a 10-meter steel frame. He calmly tries to call for help.

The current condition of the man is unknown.

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