On November 6, Zhengzhou officials apologized to the public at a press conference about the pandemic situation, but what was unexpected, the public rejected the apology. They did not believe the officials and were disappointed in the government. Related topics became hot searches on social platforms in China.

Tencent reported that, on the evening of November 6, Zhengzhou city officials stated in a bulletin that there were problems with the pandemic measures. They cited inadequate lockdown and control, untimely transportation of people to quarantine, insufficient supplies, and disproportionate distribution of supplies. The officials were worried about these issues and promised to listen to people’s opinions more. (Apologies video)

The Epoch Times got comments from netizens. One said, “It’s better to do something realistic than apologize. Everyone sees through you, stop acting, this is called stealing bell while covering ears (that is self-deception).”

Netizens do not believe the government. Related topics have appeared on Weibo and Baidu hot searches.

A netizen commented, “I am extremely disappointed. On what basis can I trust you, you are acting, you are deceiving the people.”

Another said, “I’m angry because the government doesn’t tell the truth, people have to speculate and spread rumors every day.”

In addition, the statement by Liu Hongying, secretary of Ping’an neighborhood committee, Zhengzhou city, seems to have added fuel to the fire at the press conference and fanned netizens’ anger. She said that because she was busy with the pandemic, she missed her daughter’s 18th birthday. She was absent from her daughter’s coming of age ceremony, and left her daughter on birthdays.

Sound of Hope newspaper quoted some netizens. Someone sarcastically said, “Sorry, Secretary Liu, for not being able to attend the coming-of-age ceremony of your daughter, this is an extremely tragic sacrifice, completely incomparable to the common people. University students were locked down for 25 days, and she just missed a birthday.”

In addition, there is also a video showing that during the live broadcast of the press conference, a netizen left a message below: “Deceiving!”The account @wuwenhang tweeted, “On November 4 in Zhengzhou, a woman went crazy after being quarantined! How tragic!”

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