During the long holiday that started on on October 1, a pandemic broke out in Xishuangbanna Autonomous Region, Yunnan, China. The entire area has been locked down. Some residents exposed the chaos, such as the quarantine rooms are dirtier than toilets, food is not being provide in time, the elderly and children are crying because they are hungry, and people protest together.

Pandemic staff expose chaos in quarantine areas

On October 5, a video was posted on the overseas social network Twitter. A female pandemic worker in the town of Daluo, Menghai District, Xishuangbanna revealed the tragic situation in the quarantine area in a working group. She advised other staff not to cooperate with pandemic prevention and arrange for villagers to quarantine elsewhere.

This employee cried and said, “Staff, please stop working. What’s the point of working? we feel broken in this quarantine. Why are you still working, don’t cooperate with them anymore. “

She pointed out that people aren’t getting fed. And she asked that they not send people for quarantine to this town. Don’t make them suffer.

Another video shows people in the quarantine area having not eaten for a day, protesting and asking to be quarantined at home.

Video shows that the quarantine rooms are all made of rudimentary iron panels. The weather in Xishuangbanna is very hot and the sun shines directly into iron quarantine rooms. The rooms heat up like sweat boxes.

The woman who took the video said: “Everybody is making a fuss. Many children don’t eat breakfast or lunch, everyone is protesting, wanting to isolate at home, now there is no other way.”

A Twitter user left a message under the video saying: “This virus is really scary, people who are not sick are tortured to madness. Killing people to strengthen the regime, is nothing for the CPP.”

Trapped tourists condemn Xishuangbanna government

Xishuangbanna announced that the entire region will be locked down from October 4, and all residents cannot leave the autonomous prefecture unless necessary. Those leaving must undergo five days of health monitoring.

Starting at 2 p.m. on October 4, flights to Jinghong City were suspended, high-speed railway was suspended, highways were also closed, and a large number of passengers were stranded.

A female tourist stranded at Xishuangbanna Airport posted a video revealing her friend was stuck in Gaozhuang, with a hotel room costing more than 1,000 yuan per night (about $140) and she didn’t know how long she would be stranded there.

The female tourist’s location is not in a high-risk area, so she booked a ticket and entered the airport. But then the local government wouldn’t allow more than 100 passengers to board the plane or leave the airport.

She angrily complained to the Xishuangbanna government should come up with a policy to manage the pandemic instead of just arbitrarily deciding when people can come and go.

She said the Xishuangbanna government informed people that they had to check three times in five days before they could leave. Half of these people are tourists. “You need to make arrangements for us tourists and don’t make dirty money.”

Xishuangbanna police use guns to threaten tourists

A video posted on the internet on October 4 shows a large number of tourists stranded at Xishuangbanna Airport, protesting and demanding to be let go. Some passengers in the airport shouted: “I want to go home!”

On October 5, a gentleman by the name of Song, a tourist stranded in Xishuangbanna, told The Epoch Times, “(The police) have guns. It was because there was a conflict inside the airport waiting area. People saw a plane landing, but they didn’t let people on board. That same day, the airport suddenly announced that flights after 2:00 were canceled or they’d be leaving empty and the 12:00 flights had already left.

Song said at Xishuangbanna Airport, passengers waited until midnight on October 4. By 12:00 the next day, there had not been another announcement. Now he only knows that the flights have been canceled and he cannot travel. The main problem is not knowing how long they will have to wait and flights after that will increase significantly in price.

Song said that tourists have to pay for the hotel themselves. Prices of hotels are not uniform. We got stuck at 12:00, the price offered to us was 260 yuan ($37). Then someone else booked the room themselves and the price was 300 yuan ($42). Now all flights are canceled, highways are also blocked and public transportation is no longer operating. Passengers who want to change hotels cannot take a taxi and can’t even go on foot.

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