The CCP’s General Secretary Xi Jinping has broken with tradition and continues as general secretary for a third term. Dissidents abroad have sarcastically hinted that Xi’s actions are similar to an “emperor.” Right after, a short clip taken from a film produced 11 years ago on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the CCP titled “The Party building career,” showing Yuan Shikai claiming to be emperor for 83 days and then he died, posted on Douyin was taken down within a day.

At the 20th Congress, Xi broke with the practice established by Deng Xiaoping and began his third term. Among the members of the Politburo appointed by him, no new recruits were found qualified to succeed him. Outsiders suspect that he may have long-term plans, or may be in power for life. Overseas dissidents thus refer to him as Emperor Xi Jinping. And at this extremely sensitive time, someone discovered that the film had been taken down from the Douyin platform (Tiktok Chinese version).

The plot in the film “The Party building career” has a scene where the Senate of the Republic of China unanimously approves making the president of the Republic of China the Emperor of the Chinese Empire. Long live the Great Emperor of the Chinese Empire.

In the film, Yuan, the Beiyang warlord played by Chow Yun Fat, is very ambitious, dissatisfied with being president and wants to become emperor. As a result, he was defeated and completely isolated by Cai E played by Andy Lau.

Yuan was only emperor for 83 days and then he died. Because this film is a work to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the CCP, it has not been removed from the official video sites in China. But when watching this part of the emperor’s sudden death, those who understand the meaning and relate to the current situation can laugh out loud, like netizens say, Chinese officials probably don’t dare watch it.

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