Recently, a fight broke out at a subway station in Wuhan, China just because a man did not wear a mask. 

On September 1, China News reported a brawl that occurred at about 9:30 pm on August 31. A man in a black shirt entered the subway, perhaps because he was so busy looking at his phone that he forgot to put on a mask. After he entered the train, a man in a white shirt noticed him and asked him to put on a mask. But the man in black shirt ignored him.

At this time, the subway had just stopped at a station. The man in the white shirt pushed the man in the black shirt out of the train car. The man in black shirt resisted, but the man in white shirt began hitting him.  

In a video posted online, the man in a white shirt grabbed the man in the black shirt and hit him about the head. A uniformed officer standing next to him tried to step forward to stop the assailant, but he continued to punch the other man in the head.

The incident sparked heated discussions online, with related topics entering Baidu’s hot search list. The Epoch Times quoted some netizens’ comments:

A netizen said that it was wrong for the man in the black shirt not to wear a mask, but it was also not right for the man in the white shirt to beat him.

Other netizens said that this type of violence was similar to Red Guards of the Cultural Revolution. One said: “Red Guards of the Cultural Revolution used to demonstrate this sort of violence: beating, fighting, marching people on the street.”

Similar incidents of violence occurred in Tibet.

In late August, the pandemic in Tibet was very serious. In Gonggar District, Lhokha city, an anti-pandemic staff beat a resident when two people had an argument at the nucleic acid test site. In February last year, an elderly man in a community on Taihua Street, a northern suburb of Xian, went out to buy food without wearing a mask. He was then assaulted by anti-pandemic staff and they broke a few of his teeth, while the interviewers at the scene had their phones stolen.

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