During his first three years in power, Xi Jinping surprised the world with his anti-corruption campaign, hunting “for officials from the highest to the lowliest of ranks and even looking overseas.” This campaign very clearly exposed their immoral lifestyles—sex addiction, drugs, money laundering, and even silenced murder of some senior CCP leaders.

Attempts made on Xi Jinping life for anti-corruption campaign

From the start of his rule until now there have been unsuccessful coups and assassination attempts. Sources close to Xi said that his life has been in danger at least 10 times

In December 2017, Xi suffered from abdominal pains and was hospitalized. Something to do with what he had eaten. In addition, when Xi traveled, he encountered at least four traffic accidents.

The October 2017 issue of Zhengming magazine reported that before he came to power, Xi had encountered an assassination attempt. At that time, Hu Jintao heard about it in the middle of the night and hurriedly informed Xi not to go out.

During Xi’s anti-corruption campaign, officials such as Bo Xilai, Zhou Yongkang, and former Vice President Zeng Qinghong were all caught in the net. All had to go to prison or were under house arrest.

In addition, thousands of officials, senior and junior, were investigated and imprisoned. In 2013 alone, more than 6,500 officials went missing, more than 8,000 officials fled abroad, and about 1,500 committed suicide.

To date, more than 1 million CCP members have been punished, including generals, high-ranking and low-level officials.

And finally, one of the biggest names is Jiang Zemin. He is rumored to be on the radar.

So how is this hunting campaign going?

In the past one year, a series of shocking events such as a series of artists being blacklisted (meaning they are boycotted or not allowed to have media exposure), corporations such as Fantasia, Evergrande Group, China Huarong all had debt crises. Do any of the above events have anything to do with this Jiang?

Bombing Jiang Zemin’s “backyard” corporations

During Jiang’s time in power, a series of large economic groups were considered to be in his backyard and Zeng Qinghong appeared. These corporations enjoyed all the privileges, be it policy wise or financially. They even were supported with money laundering. But now, a bunch of these corporations are in trouble.

  1. Fantasia in crisis

Fantasia is a company that belongs to Zeng Qinghong’s niece – Zeng Baobao. In November 2009, Fantasia was officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and within 3 years grew into a diversified business financial services company.

However, Bloomberg News recently reported that international banks such as Credit Suisse and Citigroup have stopped accepting Fantasia Group’s bonds as pledge assets. Zeng Baobao’s bonds are considered worthless, with observers saying that international banks have detected signs of crisis in the Zeng family.

  1. Evergrande is collapsing and the CEO’s fate is uncertain

Under Jiang Zemin, in 1996 during the real estate boom in China, Evergrande was established. Observers pointed out that the Chinese regime at this stage was comfortable plundering land and forcing people to buy houses provided by state-backed real estate enterprises. It is estimated that three-quarters of Chinese people’s income is spent buying real estate.

With the trick of taking people for everything they have, Evergrande became the center of power in an economy that relies on the real estate market for rapid growth.

Evergrande is said to have grown with the support of Jiang Zemin’s faction. In 2007, this group escaped financial difficulties thanks to the support of Hong Kong tycoons with close ties to Jiang.

Evergrande Group is now facing a serious debt crisis, and this is considered the starting point for the chain of collapse of the mainland real estate market.

  1. Execution of the former CEO of Huarong

China Huarong – a bad debt settlement company was established to handle Beijing’s bad debt after the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

It quickly repackaged bad debt, sold it to domestic and international debt markets to earn the huge amount of about $42 billion fresh money. It was then reinvested in a variety of areas that China Huarong had no experience. This is considered the reason why China Huarong collapsed.

But China Huarong’s connection to Jiang is the core reason why this group has to be restructured. The CEO Lai Xiaomin, had to face legal charges. The crimes of corruption and bigamy of Lai Xiaomin were thoroughly exposed by the regime. Lai Xiaomin was sentenced to death, China Huarong fell into a state of hibernation.

  1. Blacklisting artist for money laundering and supporting Jiang’s forces

Observers say that Jiang’s power was strong and could be maintained for long thanks to all the financial resources that this force has created during his’s time in office.

Recently, Xi’s extremely wise move to get rid of low-ranking officials to restructure staff in state-owned enterprises and  private economic groups close to Jiang, and to blacklist all the entertainment celebrities involved in laundering money for Jiang’s force has cut off the financial blood supply to the Jiang group.

Without financial supplies, this force will be isolated, loyal soldiers will quickly rebel against their master, and the ability to defeat Jiang is quite possible.

Jiang’s forces are often referred to as the evil corporation by the Chinese people. They created a huge money-making system from state-owned enterprises to plunder resources, corrupt, and exploit cheap labor. They are also behind the industry of organ harvesting and trafficking of the Uyghurs and Falun Gong practitioners. The group is also said to be ready to make money from child trafficking and food and material poisoning in many industries.

Jiang’s faction planned to “overtake the Party, seize power” and even Zhou Yongkang is said to have planned to assassinate Xi at least twice.

Until now, Jiang’s faction in the military and the Party is still very strong. Therefore, it seems that Xi’s plan to hunt corrupt officials still has a way to go. But to do it, Xi needs not only carefully calculated campaigns, but sometimes even miraculous epiphanies.

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