The CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy has angered people everywhere. In recent days, a large number of videos circulating online show people in many places continuously protesting, toppling quarantine walls, and breaking pandemic checkpoints and PCR sampling counters.

On November 4, a video showed villagers in Nanshan Village, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province starting to resist the lockdown. In the video, dozens of residents are breaking a pandemic checkpoint, and many government employees are using iron fences to prevent them. There is also a video (3rd video) showing local villagers chanting protest slogans.

Another video on the same day showed citizens pushing the lockdown fence aside and rushing out of the locked down area. It was reported that the incident happened on Changzheng Street, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province.

In another video on November 3, in Yongfeng Street, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, some residents not only broke the lockdown successfully, but also toppled PCR sampling counters.

NTD reported that many residential areas in Wuhan have been locked down for a long time, the residents can’t stand it anymore and have found ways to lift the lockdown themselves.

There is also a video from Zhengzhou city, Henan province showing a large number of residents gathering at the residence gate, shouting, “We want to eat, we want to live, we want to survive!”

On November 3, a video also showed traders at the wholesale market in area 9, Daqing town, Sa Ertu district, Heilongjiang province gathering to protest, demanding the government open the market but was suppressed by a large number of police.

The Global Times reported that, since September 27, Daqing City has canceled high, medium, and low-risk areas, restoring normal living conditions. But on November 4, a resident near the wholesale market in Area 9 of Daqing New Village said, “I haven’t heard of the lockdown lifting,” according to NTDTV.

There is also a video from an undisclosed location showing residents inside and outside working together to remove lockdown panels, then they carried their luggage to flee.

The CCP’s brutal lockdown has created a large number of humanitarian disasters. Recently, on social networks, many videos and photos of locked down residents jumping out of buildings or going crazy are spreading.

There is also a photo showing a man in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province wearing only sunglasses, sneakers, and a transparent raincoat while waiting in line for PCR test. Netizens speculated that he was wearing “the emperor’s new clothes,” to express his quiet opposition to the unending PCR tests.

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