The 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party is fast approaching. All over China people are tense and complain about being monitored. At the same time, after Xi Jinping resurfaced on September 27, he continued to speed up the investigation and purge the “Xi assassination” gang. Liu Yanping, the seventh member of the “Sun Lijun Political Gang,” has been indicted.

To ensure the smooth running of the 20th National Congress, police across China have stepped up efforts to maintain a tight fist on control. Sohu newspaper reported that, as of September 27, the “100-day Operation” of the Ministry of Public Security, which began on June 25, has arrested more than 465,800 criminal suspects!

In Beijing, the police recently conducted checks on rental properties and chased away people wrongfully. Police everywhere also stepped up monitoring petitioners, and sent police and stability teams to Beijing to arrest people.

Hu Jianguo, a Shanghai resident told NTDTV, “Now that I’m being watched at my door, there are two people sitting in my parking lot every day. They’re afraid that I’m going to Beijing.”

Hu said that the local police had been tracking him for more than two weeks. Besides him, there are many people in Shanghai who are being watched by the special “stability team.”

At the same time, Xi continues to accelerate the purge of the so-called Sun Lijun political gang. On September 28, China News reported that Liu Yanping, former vice minister of public security, was prosecuted by the People’s Procuratorate of Changchun City, Jilin province for taking bribes. The prosecution also accused him of “joining Sun Lijun’s political gang and engaging in politically beneficial transactions.”

Liu’s position before his fall was related to the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of State Security, and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Chen Pokong, a writer and political commentator told NTDTV, “But the reason to prosecute him is to pretend that he took bribes. In fact, all the CCP officials accept bribes and are corrupt, but the political cause behind him revealed it. After the investigation, Liu Yanping’s hope and confidence collapsed, and his “Party connections” were also lost, discarding two protective umbrellas. He also no longer ascribed to the ‘four comprehensives,’ betraying Xi, not supporting Xi, even having the idea of ​​assassinating Xi.”

The “four comprehensives” is a popular phrase in China, expressing the management views that Xi pursues, including: Comprehensively building a prosperous society; Comprehensively deepening reform; Comprehensively relying on the rule of law to govern the country; Comprehensively manage Party.

Although Xi was quite confident about the new term, Zhou Xiaohui, a commentator on current affairs, pointed out that Premier Li Keqiang doesn’t seem to have enough “respect” for Xi, and the rivalry between China’s top leaders seems never ending.

In the video of his participation in the art exhibition released by CCTV, Li kept his hands behind his back almost the entire time. Even when Xi spoke, he did not change his posture, and his strange behavior attracted attention. Zhou commented that this shows the growing contradiction between Xi and Li, and the high-level of rivalry over the CCP’s internal operations will not stop because of Xi’s public appearance. Even if Xi is re-elected, the challenges he faces within the Party will continue, even more tragically.

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