According to The National Health Commission (NHC) ‘s report on Monday, Mar. 14, China claimed to have 1,337 locally transmitted cases, marking a fourfold increase from a week ago.

CCTV, a state-run mouthpiece media, reported on Mar. 13 that the outbreak had exposed shortcomings and loopholes in epidemic prevention and control operation in highly infected areas.

The report also referred to the officials‘ poor performance and dereliction as reasons for the epidemic’s being out of control, resulting in the dismissal of several high-ranking officials.

Huang Shouying 黄守应, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, has become the first official to lose his position. Besides him, six other top-level officials in Dongguan City, Guangdong were also sacked, including:
Wang Changqing 王长青, the Standing Committee of the Dongguan Municipal Party Committee and the Executive Deputy Mayor; Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Public Security Bureau;
Chen Fukun 陈福坤, the Secretary of Dalang Town’s Committee, Dongguan City;
Fang Dejia 方德佳, the Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Dalang Town’s Committee, Dongguan City;
Zhang He 张何, the Deputy Director of the Dongguan Health Bureau position.

Accordingly, authorities will investigate them following their dismissals.

These dismissals came after Guangdong’s epidemic spread quickly. According to NHC’s report on Sunday, Mar.13, Dongguan 东莞市 City, Guangdong 广东省 reported 151 cases of infections.

Similar to Guangdong province, Jilin City 吉林 also witnessed several personnel changes due to the epidemic outbreak.

The Jilin Provincial Party Committee announced the dismissal of Zhang Lifeng 张立峰, Secretary of the college party committee, on Mar. 10. Two days later, Wang Lu 王路, deputy secretary of the Jilin Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Jilin City, was removed from the office.

Jilin reported the highest cases among infected areas with the NHC with 895 new local infections in the province, adding to the 1,412 cases a day earlier.

Following Jilin, Shandong recorded 175 local confirmed cases and 172 local asymptomatic infections.

As a result, Shandong’s Laixi City 莱西 authorities in Shandong have punished several officials.

Accordingly, Zhou Ke 周科, the Secretary of the Party Committee, Liu Ying 刘瑛, the mayor of Laixi City, Gui Xiaofeng 桂晓峰, Laixi City propaganda minister, received warnings from the party on Mar. 10 evening.

More seriously, Wu Haibo 吴海波 was dismissed from his post as vice mayor after only 12 days of taking the position.

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