According to the Peninsula Metropolis Daily, people on the street by the Qijiang River in Chongqing were shocked to hear that the road had collapsed on October 3, causing many to fall into a septic tank.

After the incident, emergency work on this section was deployed, and all the people who fell into the septic tank were rescued.

A video of the scene showed a gapping hole at the site. Many people fell into the septic tank, some people reached out to pull people trapped the hole out.

The area had a strong stench. Many witnesses had to cover their mouths and noses. Victims even include children.

After watching the news, a netizen commented, “With so many people around watching, aren’t you afraid that the surrounding road surface will collapse again?”

Another called for, “All parties interested in the collapse of this public work case must compare the original design with the construction party and supervisor. First to see if there are any cuts, then investigate the cause of the accident.”

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