On September 5, an earthquake occurred in Luding County, Ganzi, Sichuan. According to Sina, as of 4 p.m on September 6, at least 66 people had died. The day before, reports that bats had filled the night sky over Mianzhu, Sichuan. On September 5, the topic of flying bats and the earthquake in Sichuan, were pushed on the hot search list. Many netizens believe that everything has a soul and it is not a coincidence that the bats are so erratic.

According to NetEase, at 12:52 am on September 5, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake occurred in Ganzi and a 4.2 magnitude earthquake in Shimian district, Ya’an city, Sichuan at 12:56 am. The topic quickly hit the hot search list.

Among the hot search topics about earthquakes, the topic of “a large number of bats in the sky over Mianzhu, Sichuan” also reached the top search. The earthquake and the bats led to many lively discussions.

According to the Sichuan Observation Report, locals in Mianzhu initially heard something screaming, but they were stunned when they looked up.

A resident from the area told Jimu News that a large number of bats flew on the evening of September 4, but in recent years they often appear on summer evenings. This resident said that when the earthquake hit on September 5, he felt the aftershock very clearly in Mianzhu.

Many netizens commented that everything has a soul, animals can easily foretell earthquakes.

The Epoch Times quoted one person: “Last night, all the bats in the cave in Mianzhu City, Sichuan flew out. An earthquake occurred in Luding County, Sichuan at noon today. We were amazed at the warning of nature, everything has a soul.”

Some netizens argued that, compared to humans, animals are more aware of unusual changes in the environment, such as elephants being able to predict the arrival of storms.

According to a report by Jimu News on August 23, at that time there was also a video of a large number of birds flying that attracted attention. The staff of the Mianzhu Emergency Management Department said that what appeared in the sky were not birds but bats, which has also appeared in previous years. This is a normal natural phenomenon.

On May 10, 2008, two days before the May 12 earthquake in Wenchuan, the West China Metropolis Daily published a report titled “Migration of hundreds of thousands toads worries residents.”

The newspaper said: “A few days ago, a scene appeared in Tanmu village, Mianzhu city. It was a large-scale migration of toads: Hundreds of thousands of large and small toads scattered on the road near a pharmaceutical factory, many were crushed to death by vehicles and passersby. The large number of toads made some villagers think that something bad would happen.”

In response to concerns raised by locals about “whether this phenomenon is a harbinger of some kind of disaster,” the local forestry department in Mianzhu said: “This is a normal migration of toads, it has nothing to do with natural disasters as people say.” After the earthquake in Luding County, on September 5, the expert’s reaction in 2008 was dug up again, netizens pointed out that the expert at that time also said it was just a normal thing.

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