On October 23, the Standing Committee of the CCP’s 20th National Congress was launched. In this sensitive time, the wave of anti-Xi protests continues. A recent video shows two women in Shanghai holding a banner as they walk in the street, expressing solidarity with the lone warrior Peng Zaizhou in Beijing, protesting Xi’s re-election.

A video posted by netizens shows two women holding a banner on Shanghai’s Xiangyang North Road, with a few simple Mandarin characters: “Don’t want, don’t want, don’t want, don’t want!” Although it may be a bit confusing to foreigners, the Chinese seem to understand. People around said, “We always wanted to do this.”

Some netizens said that one of them looks like a foreigner, and the other probably does too. The two women were holding a banner as they walked along the road, as netizens took photos. Someone nearby said something like don’t go on the street, put it away, put it away!

The two women then hung the banner on an official local billboard.

Netizens think that this banner was written with lipstick.

According to RFA, on the morning of October 13, on Sitong Bridge, Zhongguan Village, Haidian District, Beijing suddenly appeared two banners with the words: “No PCR tests, we want food. No restrictions, we want freedom. No lies, we want dignity. No Cultural Revolution, we want reform. No leaders, we want votes. No being slaves, we want to be citizens”, and called on residents to “strike at school and work, eliminate the dictator and national traitor Xi Jinping”. This news was completely banned in China, but it caused a wave abroad. Major media reported on the unexpected event that happened just before the CCP’s 20th National Congress.

Although the banner written by the two women seems very confusing, netizens say that, in China’s current environment, it is actually very dangerous. Sound of Hope quoted a comment referring to a similar incident in Russia, “A man handed out leaflets on Red Square, but was caught by the KGB. The KGB confiscated all the leaflets and discovered that they were just blank sheets. The KGB still decided to arrest the man, saying ‘You think we don’t know what you’re talking about?'”

Many netizens praise and support the two heroines.

One said, “Heroes are heroes. When they take to the streets, they know what they’re going to face.”

Another said: “As we do like Peng Zaizhou, wave after wave, if Xi doesn’t give in, people’s resistance will rise. Fire will spread across the steppe.” 

Other comments read: “I burst into tears. I admire these brave women and men!”

“There are still sane people. I admire them very much, but I don’t even dare to stand up. In the end, I don’t even have a job, and don’t even dare disobey my parents, let alone to a giant regime.”

“I want to tell these girls, protect yourself, this evil regime can do anything.”

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