Rare weather is happening in many parts of China. High temperatures and droughts appear in southern China; the great northern desert was flooded by torrential rains.

According to NetEase on August 23, floods have recently occurred in the Taklamakan Desert in Xinjiang. The Yuqi area of ​​the Northwest Sinopec oil field with 50 exploration vehicles and more than 30,000 pieces of equipment has been affected. Many roads were flooded and damaged.

The Taklamakan Desert is the largest desert in China, located in the center of the Tarim Basin in Xinjiang, covering an area of ​​about 330,000 square kilometers (approximately 127,000 square miles).

According to Sinopec, the flooding was caused by recent torrential rains in the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, combined with the melting snow creating seasonal flooding.

A video (0:38) shows that on August 12 and 13, the weather was sunny, but a stream is flowing in the Alxa Desert.

According to NTDTV, on the August 21, heavy rains occurred in Inner Mongolia. Many local netizens posted videos on Weibo, surprised that “the great desert really has heavy rain!” These videos show that the Alxa Desert, Mu Us Shadi and Kubuqi Desert in Inner Mongolia all have pouring rain.

Some netizens shared a video showing the ground is covered by a large stretch of water, and the yellow flood is coming due to heavy rain causing flooding near Tianchi lake in the Alxa Desert.

In addition, many places in the Altay region, Xinjiang, had the first snow of an early autumn. The snow in some areas exceeded 10 cm and the temperature dropped to minus 4 C (24.8 F), a month earlier than the previous years.

At the same time with continuous heavy rains in the North, the South normally would be in the flood season (at the present), but now it is continuing to be hot and very dry.

In addition, the water of ​​Dongting Lake has been reduced by 60%. The water in Poyang Lake has shrunk into a long and narrow canal, and the bottom of the lake is covered in grass.

On the Chinese internet, people also asked: “The south is extremely hot and dry, and the north is flooded with torrential rains. What happened?”

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