It’s September and students are returning to school in China. The Pushang Experimental School in Puyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Henan province, arranged for junior high school students dormitory in a “warehouse-style” building with 80 students in one room and no fire safety measures according to . Parents are very concerned.

In a video a parent said that, when taking students back to the dormitory, they found that it was like a warehouse, the roof was covered with fake tile. The dormitory has 80 beds to a room. the building is new and has a strong odor and it’s humid.

In the video, parents also said (0’43 – 0’53), the glass to the dormitory door has not been installed, paint on the bed frame is not completely dry, there are only 17 bathrooms, and they are squat toilets.

According to Sohu, a school employee told parents, “If parents think our school’s current accommodation is not suitable, the school will arrange for students to stay in surrounding areas.” Currently, the school has begun to rent rooms around the school, gradually arranging for students to live there.

However, a parent of a third-year student, told Jimu News on the morning of September 6 that her child had registered for admission and was arranged in this dormitory of 80 people per room. 

The parent said that the school’s solution is not realistic. Because there are no rooms for rent.

A parent of a third-year student surnamed Zhang said that third-year junior high school students have overloaded study schedules. The parents can only take their children to school early and pick them up in the evening.

According to Jimu News, an informed source said that in recent years, the school has recruited more students in the fall, and arranged for third-year students to live in the 80-people dormitory. As for first and second-year students, they live in a dormitory with 8 people per room.

An employee of the Management Committee of Puyang Economic and Technological Development Zone replied that the local education department has now intervened.

Toutiao said that according to public information, the school was built in Puyang Town, Hunan Province in September 2020, it accepts elementary and middle school students.

The Epoch Times re-posted some comments from concerned parents who felt that if these incidents hadn’t come to light no one would do anything about it. They also pointed out that tuition was 20,000 yuan a year and they still pack the students 80 to a room. And one parent suggested the principal should stay in one of those rooms, see how he likes it. One parent shared, “When I was in high school, the dormitory I stayed in was only 24 people.”

Someone also shared a similar experience: “During military training, I shared a room with 40 people.”

Some netizens even mocked that this student dormitory is not as good as a prison. Article 10 of the Geneva Convention for the Treatment of Prisoners of War stipulates that prisoners’ accommodation must not be humid and must have adequate heat and light. The total area of ​​the dormitory, the minimum room area, equipment, and materials for accommodation and sleep must meet the same conditions as a military detention camp.

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